News Or Noise: Week Six Edition

The most frustrating part of my fantasy football season Playing fantasy football is something that people take very seriously. It's very easy to get behind the eight-ball and have to make a comeback. There are so many variables in fantasy football and you are the manager behind all the decisions. Start a player that scores... Continue Reading →

2021 NFL Draft Wishful Pairings

The day is finally right around the corner and, folks, the NFL Draft is upon us. After months and months of hearing us talk about these guys, the conversation will shift to potentially on some of these prospects for the good and the bad. CEH was the prized winner last first round after being selected... Continue Reading →

Fantasy Football Roundtable Mock Draft

Over the past couple weeks, the crew at the Fantasy Football Roundtable has been working on a two-round NFL Mock Draft. Those participating and making picks include Matthew Bruening, Dennis Bennett and myself. We have started the Mock Draft three times, but trades and changing assumptions changed the draft. This is version 3.0, the final... Continue Reading →

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