2021 NFL Draft: Final Running Back Rankings

As we inch closer and close to the draft, I am finalizing some of my rankings, and with that being said, I wanted to take to Reddit and find out who everyone’s consensus top five were and share mine as well.

Honestly, I was a bit surprised with some of the results from Reddit. They were higher on a few guys than I thought but overall, they aligned with my train of thought.

Here is a breakdown of the votes from Reddit.

  • We had 14 participants. Of those 14, 10 of them had Najee Harris at number one. Harris had two rankings at number three but was the consensus number one.
  • Javonte Williams tied with Travis Etienne with two first-place votes, but Etienne had ten second-place votes to outpace Williams’s consensus number two. But interesting enough, Williams was never below three on anyone’s rankings, but Etienne found himself at number four and five once.
  • Kenneth Gainwell garnered the most fourth-place votes with eight total. He was fifth on two others and not in the top five of four others.
  • The fifth spot was a whole lot of mixed bags. Michael Carter received five fifth-place votes and even one third-place vote but was missing from eight other ballots. Jermar Jefferson was the only other guy to appear on five ballots, and he was as high as four on two but fifth in five of them.
  • Others to receive votes: Kylin Hill (three ballots), Ramondre Stevenson (two ballots), Chuba Hubbard (one ballot), Trey Sermon (two ballots)

My Final Top 5 Running Back Rankings (fantasy in ())

1. Najee Harris (1)

It is Najee Harris’s world and we are just living in it. He is a three-down back who I think can be a top 10 fantasy running back for the next five years. We could talk all day about his running ability but what stands out the most in his game is his ability to catch the football and what he does with it in space.

2. Travis Etienne (2)

I am intrigued by Etienne’s discourse and while he is my number two, I get why he is people’s number one, but I don’t get the ranking him 4th, 5th, and even lower. I prefer Etienne to Williams and Carter because I think he will be a 50-60 catch guy easily on Sundays. While there are concerns if he can be a three-down back, I don’t think he will be a 200 carry a year guy, but I do see an easy 150-175 touches a year type

3. Michael Carter (landing spot dependent, 4)
4. Javonte Williams (3)

This one will ‘shock’ some people, but my podcast partner and I chose Carter. I do think it is very much landing spot contingent, but I do prefer him to Williams. (It is close)

5. Chuba Hubbard (5)

I still believe in Chuba, I really do. I can’t ignore what he did in 2019 as he dominated the college football world with 2292 total yards and 21 touchdowns. The numbers were down this year, and I understand that, but the talent is here, and I believe he will be a huge sleeper in dynasty rookie drafts. The big issue, pass blocking, and it is a MASSIVE one, but if he can get it under control, Chuba can be a top-two back in this class.

6. Javian Hawkins
7. Kenneth Gainwell
8. Jemar Jefferson
9. Kylin Hill
10. Jaret Patterson

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