2021 NFL Draft: Final Quarterback Rankings

As we inch closer and close to the draft, I am finalizing some of my rankings, and with that being said, I wanted to take to Reddit and find out who everyone’s consensus top five were and share mine as well.

A few things of note of the 18 people that participated, only one had Trevor Lawrence two, and it was behind Zach Wilson. The same five guys were in everyone’s rankings instead of one guy who had Kyle Trask in his top five.

Here is a breakdown of the votes from Reddit.

Justin Fields was ranked number 2 in 11 out of the 18 and was as low as four on two of them. 

  • Although tons of discourse over the last couple of months, Fields still lands in the two spot amongst the consensus. 

Zach Wilson was all over the place. He was ranked 2nd in five, 3rd in six, 4 in fourth, 2 in 5th, and was ranked first in one. 

  • Wilson has been on the rise everywhere since the end of the college season. Some said they didn’t get the hype, while others think that he is the next big thing. 

Mac Jones landed in the 4/5 slot in 16 of the 18 votes. One left him off, and he had a lone pick at the third slot. 

  • Jones has been rising up boards over the last few weeks after a monster season, but Reddit doesn’t see that translating to the next level. 

Trey Lance was ALL over the place. Five times in the 5th slot, Six times in the 4th slot, six times in the 3rd slot, and he had one lone vote in the 2nd spot. 

  • The Twitter darling, for months, has seen his stock go from QB2 to anywhere from QB3 all the way down to QB5.

My Final Top 5 Quarterback Rankings (fantasy in ())

1. Trevor Lawrence (1)

Lawrence is a leader. He loves football and is willing to grow within the game to get better. We witnessed this each year of his collegiate career. The players around him love him, and whichever team ends up with him has their starting quarterback for years to come.

One state I love: Lawrence has a 97.7 PFF grade on throws 20+ yards down the field.

I wrote a full articles about Lawrence here: https://www.dynastynerds.com/rookie-profile-trevor-lawrence/

2. Justin Fields (2)

The thing that impressed me the most in watching Fields was his ability to see the football field. His vision for the field is just as good as Lawrence’s. He has the willingness to learn from his body of work. He improved his throwing mechanics from Georgia to Ohio State and was impressive to watch. He is a leader on and off the football field, he has a big time arm and impressed me over the final two games of his last season with Ohio State.

One stat I love: Competed 73.6% of his passes over 10+ yards last season.

3. Mac Jones (5)

I like spicy.  I think he is as ready as Trevor Lawrence or Justin Fields to take over for a franchise and lead them on Sundays. He is smart with the football, shifty in the pocket, and has excellent ball placement on every level. I think Trevor and Fields can excel wherever they land but Jones needs the perfect spot to thrive and that’s a little bit concerning on a fantasy level.

One stat I love: Jones completed 77.5% of his paces when being blitzed (120 attempts) and threw 18 touchdowns to 1 interception.

I wrote a full articles about Jones here: https://www.dynastynerds.com/2021-rookie-profile-mac-jones-quarterback/

4. Trey Lance (3)

After breaking down the tape, there is a lot to like but also some big-time questions ahead. His arm strength might be the best in the class as he has a pretty deep ball. He has insane playmaking ability on his legs (14 rushing touchdowns). He did struggle and showed some true flaws in the one game he played this year. I think if he can sit for a year or two, Lance can be a HUGE asset. My biggest question mark, can he produce at a higher level?

One stat I love: One interception in 318 pass attempts

5. Zach Wilson (4)

I am lower on Zach Wilson than most, and I am okay with it. He had an impressive season last year, but he had a lot playing in his favor. If we knock Lance for competition, we have to do the same for Wilson. While we can look at the beat down he put on Boise State (who were ranked), we could also look at his struggles in the game against Coastal Carolina. Now, if we move to 2019, he was 67 for 108, 765 yards, two touchdowns, and three interceptions against top 25 schools.

The numbers are inconsistent. If I am wrong and he breaks out, I will be the first to admit it, but I am not buying the hype for now.

One stat I love: Completed 62.5% of passes over 20+ yards. It is the highest of all the quarterbacks in this class.

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