The Other Fellow looks at the cost of being named James Bond

What’s in a name? Does it define your life? That’s the question at the center of a new documentary, The Other Fellow. In it, filmmaker Matthew Bauer looks at people worldwide who share the name James Bond.

While we know Bond from Ian Fleming’s novels and the myriad of films over the years, many around the world that carry the name and have no connection to the British government’s most prolific asset. The film interviews these men and tells their stories and explores how the connection to the world of Bond has impacted their lives.

The stories of those interviewed vary. Some are proud to share the name and even want to be like James Bond. For others, it’s an inconvenience. For some, it feels like a curse, even if they’ve found a way to profit from it. The film shares a bit of history about the origin of the character name, but mostly it’s about the people that share that name and what it’s meant for their lives.

Bauer does a nice job of putting the story together. He helped craft the script with Rene van Pennevis and has a nice feel for these people, exploring their lives and telling their stories. Some of them are quite emotionally engaging.

As a long-time fan of the Bond franchise, and someone who has experienced sharing a name with a famous Hollywood star, I was drawn to this idea and story. I enjoyed the way it was told and getting to know the real men behind the name James Bond. For those who are fans of documentaries or fans of the Bond franchise, it’s worth giving this film a look.

The Other Fellow opens in limited release Friday, February 17

Three Stars out of five

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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