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Spring TV Roundup, Week 3

Spring has sprung, and as we typically get deluged with showers in April, our TV benefactors are showering us with new content. Favorites are returning on networks and streaming sites, and plenty of new offerings are jumping into the fray as well. This week alone there are 10 new scripted series in their first or … Continue reading Spring TV Roundup, Week 3

Binge Watch: Godzilla and Kong

Godzilla and King Kong are two of our oldest movie icons. Kong made his debut in 1933, starring opposite Fay Wray. Godzilla, meanwhile, debuted in 1954. Both have gone strong in multiple different films and series franchises ever since. The latest entry in the modern monster franchise, Godzilla vs. Kong, debuted March 31 in theaters … Continue reading Binge Watch: Godzilla and Kong

Spring TV Roundup, Week 2

We're past Easter and mostly through with Spring Break, so Spring has officially Sprung. The days are getting longer, the temperatures are getting warmer and the content for TV watchers is piling up. Networks didn't get a traditional Fall launch, but it appears they're making the most of it this Spring. So, too, are the … Continue reading Spring TV Roundup, Week 2