At Midnight star Fernando Carsa Interview

At Midnight is a brand new movie coming to Paramount+ on February 10, 2023. The movie follows two people who have made the “safe” choice of not to fall in love. It stars Monica Barbaro, Diego Boneta and Fernando Carsa. I had the pleasure of chatting with Carsa about his role in the film, working with Diego Boneta and Acapulco season three.

Fernando Carsa broke into the scene in the first season of Acapulco on Apple TV+. Since then, he has seen success, including being named Variety’s 10 Latino Creators to Watch. I had the pleasure of talking to Carsa, exploring why movies, who he looked up to, what it was like working next to someone he looked up to and much more. Check out our interview below, as well as Carsa in At Midnight on Paramount+.

Listen to the Podcast version of the episode below.
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