Eduardo Cisneros & Jason Shuman || Co-creators and co-writers of Apple TV+’s “Acapulco” || Interview

Acapulco recently kicked off season two of the series over on Apple TV+. The series continues to look at the life of Maximo, sharing stories of his journey to get to where he is to his nephew. The series was created by the duo Eduardo Cisneros and Jason Shuman. I sat down with the pair to discuss the series, the importance of representation, and the possibility of a season three.

Eduardo Cisneros and Jason Shuman are a force of nature in film and tv. They opened Raqmar Entertainment, who inked a first-look deal with Sony earlier this year. In addition, they work together to help create more inclusive and bilingual projects, including last year’s Half Brothers (which is HILARIOUS) and Apple TV+’s first bilingual series Acapulco.

In this conversation, I got to explore the second season of Acapulco and some of the challenges of writing that second season. We also discussed the importance of creating RaqMar Entertainment and what’s ahead of the duo. Check out my interview with the pair below, and make sure to tune into Acapulco on Apple TV+ today.

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