News Or Noise: Week Six Edition

Be prepared. Winter is coming. Not winter in the sense of cold weather, though that is on the way as well. Not winter in the sense of impending doom like in Game of Thrones. This is different.

Netflix is going to be charging you for additional profiles coming at the turn of the year. They have finally moved into the space of killing the shared password game. And from how I read it, it’s going to make life not only difficult on whomever you’re sharing an account with but the owner of the account as well.

After reading several articles about what’s coming up, Netflix is going to use IP address to determine if you are the owner of the account and provide a “deal” where additional users can keep their profiles for $2.99. This will greatly increase their revenue as it’s estimated somewhere near 220 million people use Netflix and there are roughly 100 million accounts. Big untapped market.

There are a lot of issues with this though. A lot. Like my personal situation. I am divorced in a shared parenting situation. So under these new rules, I’ll have to pay extra for my daughter to access her account at her mother’s house. I’m sure there are quite a few people out there that will feel that squeeze.

But here’s the real kicker. If they truly go by IP address, don’t think you can just set up your laptop at a different location for some Netflix and Chill. Your “associate” will have a different IP address, thus Netflix saying you need to pay an additional amount to use it there.

Don’t try to take it mobile either. There’s another IP address and another fee. Even hot spotting your phone provides a different IP address depending where you are. At least the way I understand it. So it’s not any kind of work around.

Netflix has been losing paying customers while their overall views have not declined as precipitously. This is the solution they are putting in place to eliminate that missing source of income.

The problem with that is this process is going to drive subscribers away. I know I’m not going to pay additional to watch anywhere besides my home. One of the reasons I have these streaming apps and have been getting rid of my DVDs is the convenience to watch on the go. If I have to pay extra to do that, I just won’t watch remotely. And if I can’t watch remotely, I won’t use the service I’m paying for enough to warrant the fees (which they have been raising as well.)

Netflix will simply be eliminated from my viewing choices. Now that Stranger Things is over, Umbrella Academy has wrapped up, and The Witcher not being on any regular kind of schedule, I can stream shows from other places and not have to worry about these new restrictions and pay walls they’ll be establishing.

I’m sure Netflix will get some new accounts out of this and upcharge many others. I’m not really worried about their bottom line. I’m more concerned with my bottom line, and it doesn’t allow for upcharges or restrictions.

And now without further ado, here’s this week’s News Or Noise!

Christian McCaffrey Is Going To Get The Niners To The Super Bowl

I’m going with noise.

McCaffrey’s trade was shocker, especially with the landing spot. There were a lot of teams that made sense to go get him. I even named a few of them when I said he wasn’t going to be traded last week. We can’t get ’em all right. But the Niners basically trading out of next year’s draft to go and get one of the most dynamic players we’ve seen in a long time was not something that I expected. At 3-3, I didn’t expect the Niners to go so hard all in this season. The Trey Lance experiment? Forgotten. The king is dead. Long live the king.

This kind of move makes you question what’s going on in the front office in the Bay Area. While I see the 49ers as being a contender, I don’t know how much better CMC is going to make them. There are a lot of mouths to feed in the short and intermediate game. He’ll add some great wrinkles, but it’s not going to be night and day. This move really puts the front office on notice. They built a good team without blowing all their picks. Then they blew all the picks going all in on Lance (who wasn’t their original target when moving up according to many.). Now they’ve kissed the rest goodbye for CMC. It’s championship or bust now or these guys are out of jobs.

McCaffrey is a great player. He is going to make an impact as soon as he is plugged into the line up. He’s locked up for another few years. But he’s also another mis-step by a once great leadership team in San Francisco. Hopefully I’m wrong and he carries them to a ship.

JK Dobbins Is Going To Get Back To Startable This Season

Unfortunately, I’m going with noise.

When Dobbins went down last pre-season, the hope was that it was early enough to let him heal up in time for the start of this season. He tore his ACL, LCL, meniscus and hamstring which is a pretty sever injury, but a full year was hopefully enough. That didn’t turn out to be the case as JK wanted to go but the Ravens have been slow playing him to take pressure off the knee. Well that didn’t work as he’s going under the knife again for the knee and is expected to miss four to six weeks. It arthroscopic so not a full blown open him up and replace things, but it’s still surgery.

Even when he makes it back, he’s going to be on a pitch count. With Kenyan Drake coming in out of nowhere and looking good, there’s no reason to rush him back into it upon his medical clearance. They’ll ramp up his activity on a schedule and get him ready for the playoffs.

This fantasy season is going to be a washout. Once he gets back and is all the way good, it’s going to be the fantasy playoffs. Are you going to want to trust him then after he’s done nothing to earn it to that point? I don’t think you can. I know I’ll try to find another way to go.

Elijah Moore Has Played His Last Game For The Jets

I’m going with noise.

Moore has requested a trade from the Jets. Currently the second year receiver is upset about his lack of involvement in the offense. He’s not the first young wide receiver that’s demanded a trade, not the first for that reason, not even the first this year for the surprising 4-2 Jets.

Moore ranks sixth in catches and fifth in targets on the team currently. He had no official targets last week against the Packers as the only time it was thrown his way there was a penalty and it was like the pass never happened. Moore took great exception to this lack of involvement and made his request known to the team.

Last season Moore only played in six games, but he made an impression. Averaging over 12 targets a game, hauling in over seven and racking up five touchdowns on 538 yards receiving, he looked poised to take it to the next level this year. He even averaged over 10 per tote and had a TD on the ground as well. With Jets quarterback Zach Wilson having another year to figure it out, it was only natural to expect big things from him.

While Joe Flacco threw his way 21 times in the first three weeks, Wilson has only looked his way eight over the past three games. His lack of usage is strange, but they keep winning so it’s hard to say something needs to change. Utilizing him as a playmaker can’t be a negative though so I’m sure the team would find more ways to get him the ball. Moore was given a bit of personal time and will not be suiting up this week for the Jets. There will be communication, and the Jets are not planning on moving him. Especially not if they’re winning. But there’s also the point of view that if they can get something out of him and they don’t need him, maybe the needle moves.

At the moment, I see it coming back together. The Jets will get him targets. Everyone will be happy and this will all be forgotten. Either that or the Niners will give up all their picks through 2034 to come get him.

The Packers Are Going To Go Get Another Receiver For Aaron Rodgers

Kind of a shame, but it’s noise.

On it’s face, Rodgers is not having a terrible season. I know everyone is looking at it as being a down year, but he’s not playing terribly. There was a precipitous drop off expected losing Davante Adams in the off-season, and it hasn’t been as bad as some would have thought. We are just used to seeing him out there gunslinging and winning all the games with his arm.

Those days are not here at the moment. Due to ill-timed drops and generally uneven play out of the receiving room, Rodgers hasn’t looked his best. He even gets cranky sometimes. But that’s what makes a leader and he’s earned the leeway to say pretty much anything he wants about the team, his teammates, anything Green Bay.

So the trade deadline is fast approaching and there are teams out there that would be interested in moving some talent in order to secure some picks, and increase the value of their own (though never tanking as apparently that’s taboo.)

A couple teams come to mind here. Pretty sure if you scroll up one blurb, you’ll find a team with a couple receivers ready and willing to be moved. The Panthers say DJ Moore is off limits, but they’re going to be having a fire sale. Terry McLaurin is an interesting name on a bad team, as is Brandin Cooks.

I don’t see the Packers making any of these moves. I don’t even see them bringing in Odell Beckham, Jr. for the stretch run. As usual, the Packers are going to make Rodgers cook without a full kitchen. With no Davante the cupboards look more bare than usual. Rodgers is stuck, but luckily in a division with only the Vikings having a legitimate chance of challenging them for the crown. Gonna be interesting to see how he deals, but one way or another he’s going to deal.

The Philadelphia Eagles Are Going To Win The NFC East

Probably not the popular choice but I’m going noise.

The Eagles have been handling their business. They’re undefeated and have not looked bad in any of the six wins. Right now they look unstoppable. But that’s how all teams look until they’re stopped. They’ve got an easy schedule going forward and there’s no reason for me to go against them on paper. I’m just not feeling them holding out on the stretch run.

The Giants are 5-1 and looking pretty strong out there, despite having the worst receiving corps in the division. They’re one Saquon injury away from going away though so I don’t have a lot of faith there. But their new head coach has breathed life into the squad so anything can happen.

I think their biggest challenge is going to come from the Cowboys. If Cooper Rush can go on a four game winning streak with this team, imagine what Dak can do. Their rushing attack has been solid, the receivers are doing what they’re supposed to, and the defense has been lights out for the most part, allowing under 100 points this season which none of the other teams can say. They’re also getting a healthy Dalton Schultz and a full go Michael Gallup just in time for Dak’s return.

The Eagles are good. I’d even say real good. I just think there’s too many variables out there and it’s a long season. Anything can happen. I just don’t think it’s the Eagles winning the NFC East.

Looking for a lineup question to be answered? Got offered a trade you’re just not sure on? Think fantasy football is neat and want someone to talk to about it? Get in touch with me @IHeartCaravans on Twitter, Medium, uStadium, TikTok, and the Fantasy Life AppHope to hear from you soon!

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