News Or Noise: Trade Deadline Recap

There are many reasons to make a trade. Getting value is a fantastic reason. Everyone likes to win a trade. There's dynasty trades to make your team better long term. There's selling off good players in an effort to accumulate draft picks and tank it out for a season or two. Lots of reasons. Take... Continue Reading →

NFL Championship Game Preview

Well, we’ve made it to the penultimate weekend of the NFL Season. I know what you’re thinking, the Super Bowl is in two weeks. That’s true, but the week between the Conference Championship Games and the Super Bowl is reserved for the Pro Bowl, which is technically a game but doesn’t really count for much.... Continue Reading →

Everything Coming to Paramount+ in February 2022

Our friends at Paramount+ continue to release strong content competing as one of the best streaming platforms around. Today, we share Everything Coming to Paramount+ in February 2022. ORIGINALS, EXCLUSIVES, NEWS & EVENTS2/2: Celebrity Big Brother Season 3 premieres2/10: Star Trek: Discovery Season 4 returns with all new episodes2/11: The In Between premieres2/17: Big Nate... Continue Reading →

Divisional Round Preview

Well, that was interesting. Super Wild Card Weekend was billed as a party. Instead, we got officiating controversies and blow outs in four of the six games. But at least we got some playoff football. We’re in the stretch of the season where it’s time to savor all the games we have because there aren’t... Continue Reading →

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