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News Or Noise: Week Six Edition

The most frustrating part of my fantasy football season Playing fantasy football is something that people take very seriously. It's very easy to get behind the eight-ball and have to make a comeback. There are so many variables in fantasy football and you are the manager behind all the decisions. Start a player that scores … Continue reading News Or Noise: Week Six Edition

News Or Noise: Week Five Edition

I hope the defender is okay Derrick Henry is a force of nature. Over the first four games of the season he is averaging 127.5 yards per game on the ground. In the age of the timeshare, Henry stands alone, getting 28.5 rushing attempts per game. That's more than some teams are averaging per game … Continue reading News Or Noise: Week Five Edition

Wild Card Weekend Preview

Wild Card Weekend Preview

The 2020 NFL Regular Season is over, and what a ride it was. As suspected, it was a season like no other. We had injuries, big upsets, surprise endings and plenty of COVID-related shuffling. But we got a full 17-week, 16-game schedule, and that has yielded our first 14-team playoff field. That means this weekend … Continue reading Wild Card Weekend Preview