News Or Noise: Week Six Edition Be prepared. Winter is coming. Not winter in the sense of cold weather, though that is on the way as well. Not winter in the sense of impending doom like in Game of Thrones. This is different. Netflix is going to be charging you for additional profiles coming at the turn of the year.... Continue Reading →

News Or Noise: Week Four Edition

Who doesn't love when the "So and so proposed a trade in whatever league" notification pops up? There are a world of infinite possibilities that could come through. Maybe something that strengthens your team if you're going win now in a dynasty. Maybe it's a balancing trade to give you quality at every position by... Continue Reading →

News Or Noise: Week Two Edition

Trey SZN is over before it even started. The San Francisco 49ers traded the 12th pick in the 2021 draft, their 2022 first and third and their 2023 first to the Dolphins for the third overall pick in the 2021 draft so they could take their guy, Trey Lance. Lance was a quarterback from North... Continue Reading →

News Or Noise: Week One Edition

Welcome to over-reaction week 2022! We all missed in our drafts. There were an over-abundance of players with high floors crashing right through them. Guys who weren't guaranteed roster spots put up starting numbers. Two of the worst teams in football beat two of the best teams in football. It's time to freak out! On... Continue Reading →

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