NFL Betting 2022: Week 1 Bet of the Week

We have arrived at the greatest time of the year in football season. You will be able to join Clarkson and me weekly as we provide you with what we believe is our shoo-in bet of the week.

You can hear me make some bets on the Fantasy Football Happy Hour Podcast throughout the NFL season. You will also see some bets from Chris Clarkson and me on Twitter. Well, we wanted to share a weekly bet that we are throwing down that we believe are the LOCK of the week.

I know some people shop around to get the best odds for specific bets, but for me, I stick to simplicity, which helps in the long run. So I either run with Draftkings Sportsbook or Barstool Sportsbook. I will let you know where we get our odds from in the pick.

Early in the season, we always see some wild and crazy things happen that shock the world, but as we cruise through the latter part of the season and teams settle in, the parity might not be as crazy. So with all that being said, here are our locks of the week.

Ricky’s Lock of the Week: Baltimore Ravens -7 (-105) DK

Clarkson’s Lock of the Week: Carolina Panthers -2.5 (-110) DK

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