Movie Review Roundup

Texas chainsaw massacre review

The Netflix Texas chainsaw massacre is a reboot sequel of the original film. The movie follows a group of teens who want to start a new life and make a once lifeless town busy again.

Sarah Yarkin stars as the main character, Melody. Sarah did an impressive job with what she had to work with. The film had some unique, creative and gory kills but not much else. Although there were some funny moments, apart from that, I did not enjoy the story much.

The Texas chainsaw massacre felt like it was missing something, the plot was very dull and lacked much of a creative, original story. One example without saying spoilers, most of the characters make poor decisions and are very dumb. This version brought back a character from the original film called Sally. I do not think they needed to bring this character back. Most of the screen time we got with this character didn’t need to be there in the first place. It all felt wasted. The ending to this movie was a let-down, and I felt like it ruined the whole movie experience.

My final thoughts and advice would be only to watch this if you are looking for a movie with lots of gore or are fans of the cast. I did not enjoy it much and had lots of wasted potential.

Uncharted review

Uncharted is an action-adventure film starring Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg. The film follows Drake and Sully looking for hidden treasure based on the PlayStation games.

Uncharted had many fun moments with some interesting puzzles. The films reminded me of Tomb Raider and the Pirate movies with lots of action and adventure.

Tom Holland pulls off his character very well, and you can see that he and Mark Wahlberg had good chemistry while filming. Mark Wahlberg also did a good job at playing Sully. However, I was a little disappointed that Sully is a much more likable and friendly character in some of the games.

Mark’s portrayal of Sully is much more serious and less fun.
One of my favorite scenes is a fight scene on a pirate ship, and it was a unique and creative twist from a standard pirate ship fight. But, unfortunately, I did not think this film had a unique or innovative plot or storyline.

My opinion towards this movie felt like a plot we have seen countless times in films before. I was a bit disappointed about this. Even though there were many creative actions and puzzle scenes, the storyline was disappointing and flat. I also thought it felt very loosely based on the games, pulling a few things from it.

This film would be good for a weekend night if you can’t find something else to watch or just want a bit of fun.

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