Rob Zombie Doesn’t Need to Make a ‘Texas Chainsaw’ Movie (Because He Already Has)

Swapping out torture for giggles, Rob Zombie is set to make his return to the big screen with The Munsters; though, fans are still questioning whether or not another much-loved horror series will see a collaboration with the director. Rob Zombie is returning to the director’s chair with upcoming reboot of the 1950s horror-comedy series... Continue Reading →

Movie Review Roundup

Texas chainsaw massacre review The Netflix Texas chainsaw massacre is a reboot sequel of the original film. The movie follows a group of teens who want to start a new life and make a once lifeless town busy again. Sarah Yarkin stars as the main character, Melody. Sarah did an impressive job with what she... Continue Reading →

“Texas Chainsaw Massacre” Trailer

It not "THE Texas Chainsaw Massacre." Its not "Texas Chainsaw (3D)." It's not "Texas Massacre." It's not "Texmass Chainssacre." It's Netflix's official release of 2018's "Halloween"! Check out sad-face Leatherface, the return of Laurie Strode, the cringe of another horror-franchise having characters pretend to be internet trolls (I'm looking at you, "Scream."), and an admittedly... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Anticipated Horror Movies in 2022

2022’s already looking like a big year for the horror genre, returning to the classics with Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Scream amongst others. As a fan of horror, there’s loads I’m hoping to catch, but here are my 10 most anticipated frightening flicks of the year: Scream Release Date: January 14th Synopsis: Twenty-five years after a... Continue Reading →

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