Official Trailer | ME TIME Starring Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg

The trailer for the highly anticipated crossover of Mark Wahlberg and Kevin Hart in the film Me Time has arrived and we have it to share with you today. Release Date: Friday, August 26, 2022 Written and Directed: John HamburgCast: Kevin Hart, Mark Wahlberg, Regina Hall, Luis Gerardo Méndez, Jimmy O. YangLogline: When a... Continue Reading →

Movie Review Roundup

Texas chainsaw massacre review The Netflix Texas chainsaw massacre is a reboot sequel of the original film. The movie follows a group of teens who want to start a new life and make a once lifeless town busy again. Sarah Yarkin stars as the main character, Melody. Sarah did an impressive job with what she... Continue Reading →

“UNCHARTED” Movie Review

Sony's adaptation of "UNCHARTED" releases nationwide February 18th, and so with as much restraint on spoilers as possible, here's what I experienced. "Uncharted," tells the story of Nathan Drake as he attempts to engage with and combat the adventurers surrounding a treasure that he and his brother once dreamed of finding together. THE GOOD: Despite... Continue Reading →

Best and Worst Disaster Movies

With Moonfall coming out this weekend, we wanted to gather the team and share our thoughts on the Best and Worst disaster movies ever made. So each of our writers shares one of each with you today. Jenna Scott Best: Deep Impact (1998) Releasing just two months before summer blockbuster and rival disaster movie Armageddon, Deep Impact adds... Continue Reading →

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