‘Jackass Forever’ is the Reunion We’ve Been Waiting For

Johnny Knoxville and his beloved gang of misfits return for more horrific, hilariously funny stunts gone wrong in Jackass Forever.

The fourth and (likely) final Jackass movie literally kicks off with a bang. We’re immediately thrown back into the chaotic world full of toilet humour, explosions and a good ole fashioned d—k gag. It’s been 11 years since the group last graced our screens and in that time, you’d think: how could Jackass possibly reinvent itself? 

Surely they’ve damaged every vital organ in their bodies by now. They can’t possibly put themselves through another brutal bashing. These dudes are more vulnerable than before, right? Well, our favourite daredevils are back and they’ll be damned if they let age stop their fun.

Jackass Forever is every bit nostalgic as it is outrageous – albeit slightly tamer than previous films. Seeing Knoxville, Steve-O, Chris Pontius, and more back together might be 2022’s saving grace to anyone who grew up with Jackass. There’s something very heartwarming about knowing these guys have stuck by each other for the last two decades, but to actually watch them back in action is a whole different ball game. 

They’re obviously no longer the youthful, agile dark horses of the 00s they once were so every hit they take leaves you wincing through the laughter. It almost makes you feel bad for even humouring the skits in the first place. Yet, if there’s one thing the movie sells it’s that the group remain young at heart all in the name of a bit of fun. Jackass Forever starts off strong and next you know, the movie has you belly laughing to no end.

When the team aren’t putting themselves into cannons or dropping skateboards onto their shins (you feel this one for sure), they are messing around with various animals – including a rattlesnake and tarantula. At one point, a sketch involving a bear and a shock collar raises the question: have they gone too far? Of course not, before the gag can even sink in, someone’s gone and given themselves another concussion – the show must go on!

Like always, a number of celebrity cameos join in the fun as well as a few new faces. Everyone involved is a fantastic sport, rising to the challenge no matter how ridiculous. Of course, the film is absent of some former key players, however, with frequent nods back to earlier films and episodes, their presence is felt.

Jackass Forever is a blast. It is fantastic to watch unfold. Highly entertaining, exhilarating, grotesque, the movie captures the essence of the franchise and the genuine bond between the friends. What an adventure the series has been. This is the reunion we’ve been waiting for.

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