‘Jackass Forever’ is the Reunion We’ve Been Waiting For

Johnny Knoxville and his beloved gang of misfits return for more horrific, hilariously funny stunts gone wrong in Jackass Forever. The fourth and (likely) final Jackass movie literally kicks off with a bang. We’re immediately thrown back into the chaotic world full of toilet humour, explosions and a good ole fashioned d—k gag. It’s been 11 years since... Continue Reading →

Binge Watch: Johnny Knoxville

At long last, after some delays, Jackass Forever is set to debut on February 4. I’m sure plenty of people are excited. The stunt show was popular on MTV and has led to several popular films as well. While the Jackass crew is a group, the most notably has long been star Johnny Knoxville. As... Continue Reading →

‘Jackass’ Movies Ranked

Updated: Jenna has updated her rankings to include the release of Jackass Forever and Jackass 4.5 The Jackass franchise is a chaotic catastrophe. It’s the result of every intrusive thought you‘ll ever have as we come to realise that maybe whacking your pal in the face with a giant rubber hand while they’re holding coffees... Continue Reading →

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