10 Most Outrageous and Dumb ‘Jackass’ Stunts

At some point or another, we’ve all sat down to watch Jackass and thought ‘maybe they’ve gone too far.’ Funny the franchise may be but that doesn’t exactly justify the pure idiocy behind the concept.

Before Jackass Forever releases, it might be fun to look back on a few of the group’s most outrageous skits – turns out it’s pretty hard to rank these when they’re all downright crazy.

(Stunts from the TV series are not included)

Anaconda Ball Pit (Jackass Number 2)

What do you get when you put three men in a kids ball pool with two anacondas? It’s not pleasant that’s for sure. Whilst Bam and Ryan have the sense to jump ship, Knoxville makes it his mission to catch one of the snakes, leaving a bloody mess in its wake.

Golf Cart Crashes (Jackass: The Movie)

The boys have partaken in a lot of stupid antics over the years but Golf Cart Crashes might be one of their worst. Ryan and Knoxville drive with reckless abandon, bumping into everything and anything they possibly can before the cart flips and pins Knoxville to the ground.

Toro Totter (Jackass 3D)

Schoolyard fun ensues with a teeter-totter and a raging bull as the boys compete to hang on the longest. Within moments, the bull manages to throw each of them into a tailspin and break the contraption. Johnny Knoxville is nothing if not obstinate, assuring his pals that he’s “still not out.” Just throw the towel in, dude.

Medicine Ball Dodgeball (Jackass Number 2)

Let’s be honest, we’ve all considered doing at least one Jackass caper. All the series does is remind us why they’re a bad idea like medicine ball dodgeball for example. Regular dodgeball is a war zone anyway but the sting of those little rubber balls is nothing compared to a medicine ball to the ribs – in the dark no less. I’d be lying if I said this isn’t entertaining though.

Poo Cocktail Supreme (Jackass 3D)

This is as gross as it is ridiculous when Steve-O is bungee-shot into the air while inside a Porta Potty. The group go all out for the grand finish to Jackass 3D, complete with close-ups of Steve-O caked in faeces, urine and his own vomit; if that’s not enough to make your stomach churn, the external shots of vile liquids and particles raining down ought to do it.

Puppet Show (Jackass Number 2)

Renowned for stripping to his cheeks, Chris ‘Party Boy’ Pontius literally sticks a mouse-themed sock on *ahem* it here – nothing out of the ordinary for him really. It’s more than enough to entice an already riled up snake who responds by repeatedly biting Pontius on the dick. Anything for laughs, right?

Riot Control Test (Jackass Number 2)

Who’d have thought that standing in front of riot control equipment with no safety gear would be a disaster? Armed with nothing but a pair of goggles, the boys end the skit writhing on the floor, bruised and battered – in this case, it probably was as bad as it looked.

The Invisible Man (Jackass 3D)

There seems to be a recurring theme with Knoxville and bulls throughout the franchise. Every time is somehow worse than the last but The Invisible Man sticks with you solely because of how cringe-worthy it is to see Knoxville hit the deck and land on his neck.

Alligator Tightrope (Jackass: The Movie)

Does it really need to be said why this one is a terrible idea? Attaching a piece of raw meat to his underwear, Steve-O is suspended above a bunch of alligators with the hope that they’ll take the bait. Of course they do, why wouldn’t they? This is an edge-of-your-seat stunt to say the least, especially when Steve-O falls into the water.

OffRoad Tattoo (Jackass: The Movie)

Featuring a guest appearance from Henry Rollins, Steve-O learns just how painful the tattooing experience can be. The skit plays out exactly as you’d expect – the boys go through an off-road course as Steve-O gets inked whilst holding on for dear life, it ain’t pretty.

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