The Best Football Movies of All Time

From Remember the Titans to Friday Night Lights to Invincible, plenty of great football movies have been released. With the upcoming release of American Underdog: The Kurt Warner Story, I revisit some of my favorite films based in the world of football.

  1. The Replacements

    Shane Falco is the guy we all wish we were and you could even see a little Kurt Warner in him within the story. It’s got a fun story that makes you laugh, cry, and jump for joy that is infused with a great ensemble cast that is led by Keanu Reeves.
  2. Jerry Maguire

    SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!! Tom Cruise delivered one of the best performances in a sports movie ever as Jerry Maquire and his partner in crime, Cuba Gooding Jr., knocked it out of the ballpark. Football, love and comedy all mixed in one made this film perfect.
  3. Remember the Titans

    Coach Herman Boone and Coach Bill Yoast changed the game in the high school football world in so many different ways. We saw Denzel Washington and Will Patton bring this inspirational true story to life that had you in a puddle of tears. (The list of actors/actresses in this is INSANE)
  4. Little Giants

    I remember watching Little Giants about a hundred times as a kid. I would reenact the games playing as the Cowboys stomping on those little guys over and over again. Rick Moranis and Ed O’Neil are hilarious opposite of each other in this movie.
  5. Any Given Sunday

    Any football movie list without this in the top five isn’t a real list. Al Pacino is great as Head Coach Tony D’Amato and the rest of the cast from Jamie Foxx, Dennis Quaid, Cameron Diaz, James Woods, LL Cool J and a host of others, and it is an insane story that felt like an inside look at the behind the scenes of the NFL.

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