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The Matrix: Resurrections Trailer

Lana Wachowski, returning to direct the fourth "Matrix," was recently interviewed and gave a reaction from Keanu Reeves having screened this movie. Reeves spoke to the influence and prophetic qualities of 1999's "The Matrix" and the potential achievement from one of the same filmmakers returning to this material. If you missed the throwback to mid/late-2000's … Continue reading The Matrix: Resurrections Trailer

Casting The MCU’s ‘Fantastic 4’

Fantastic 4 has been tried again and again, and has failed over and over. The most recent adaptation has gone down as one of the worst comic book films ever made, but Kevin Feige hasn't given up on them yet. Feige has hired Spider-Man: Homecoming and Spider-Man: Far From Home director, Jon Watts, to take … Continue reading Casting The MCU’s ‘Fantastic 4’

Binge Watch: Gridiron Films

Binge Watch: Gridiron Films

The NFL is back. Games officially began last Thursday, and we got a full slate of action on Sunday. It’s a glorious time of year that is starting to make 2020 a little brighter. And if all that action on Mondays, Thursdays, and Sundays from the NFL, and almost every other day from the college … Continue reading Binge Watch: Gridiron Films