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MCDI’s Favorite Ryan Reynolds Movies

Ryan Reynolds has been on the star path for quite a while, and he broke into national stardom with his portrayal of Deadpool. He has become a household name with hit after hit after hit. Today the team gets together and shares their favorite movies of his. Buried https://youtu.be/aRQ0oqFBoP4 One-shot movies are the hardest for … Continue reading MCDI’s Favorite Ryan Reynolds Movies

20 Years of Best Actors Ranked

I was sitting there doing one of our Oscar Podcast and was like: 'You know what would be a good idea?' Ranking the last twenty years of winners from the Academy. So today, I continue my series with the Best Actor category. RankActorMovie1Daniel Day-LewisThere Will Be Blood2Joaquin PhoenixJoker3Denzel WashingtonTraining Day4Leonardo DiCaprioThe Revenant5Matthew McConaugheyDallas Buyers Club6Forest … Continue reading 20 Years of Best Actors Ranked