The King’s Man review

The King’s Man is the third film in the series, but rather than a sequel it serves as an origin story and prequel.

Set during the First World War, this period action-comedy is about a group of powerful criminals. The criminals are all trying to start a war to take over the world and rule by wiping out millions of people. So it’s up to one man and his friends to stop them all.

We are introduced to Conrad, played by Harris Dickinson, and his father is Oxford, played by Ralph Fiennes. Together with the help of some other high up people, they go on a mission to stop these criminals from taking over. Oxford discovers that all the criminals have rings with different animals. He then realizes they are all connected.

This is the story of how the Kingsman organization was born.

Despite being a Kingsman movie, this film is a lot more serious and less fun than previous films. In some ways the story has a much more emotional tone, that can lead audiences to get a lot more invested in the film. It was also good at showing how war back in the days was promoted as less dangerous and fun than it was in reality.

Some of the characters and events that happened were historically accurate, but only loosely based on history. To me, the film felt like it couldn’t work out exactly what it wanted to be. Some scenes were very funny and had sword fights and more, although other scenes were very opposite and felt like you were watching a serious war movie.

This film was a unique approach to take. If people were not keen on the first two films, they may have a more enjoyable time with this one.

That being said there were a few funny scenes. The comedy wasn’t as good compared to the last two films in the series. This could have been due to the fact they wanted you to feel more to the characters, and go on a journey with them.

I did enjoy the unique approach to the action scenes. They were very creative, for example, in one scene there was a dance sword fight scene. Viewers who may have found the last Kingsman movies gory will be pleased to know the violence on this prequel is turned down a lot.

The cast are very good in this film, my favourites being Rhys Ifans as he is a very funny character. Dickinson also played his character very well and was very good at showing his emotional side. Fiennes was also great. It was interesting to see how he portrayed his character differently in scenes. Most of the time he was posh and smart, but in a few scenes, he acted very differently. This showed his talent and his unique acting skills.

Throughout the film, I did find the story at certain points a bit confusing and hard to follow. Mainly with the bad people motives, but that could just be me. Others who watch it may follow along with the story and find the plot easier to understand. During the film there is a huge plot twist that I don’t believe anyone would see coming. I was very shocked. I did think this was very clever to do.

Stay for the post-credit scene, as it sets up a possible sequel to the origin story.

I thought the film wasn’t the best but was OK and something fun. To get the full experience and connect more with the characters, I would say it is better to watch the film in cinemas than at home.

If you are looking for a film with lots of action, comedy and a unique style. Then this one is worth a watch!

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