Ricky’s Review Roundup: Mayor Pete, Blush

Mayor Pete

Directed by Jesse Moss
Featuring Pete Buttigieg, Chasten Buttigieg
Plot: Mayor Pete brings viewers inside Pete’s campaign to be the youngest U.S. President, providing an unprecedented intimacy with the candidate, his husband Chasten, and their ambitious team. From the earliest days of the campaign, to his unlikely, triumphant victory in Iowa and beyond. This film reveals what really goes on inside a campaign for the highest office in the land – and the myriad ways it changes the lives of those at its center. Recently appointed to U.S. Secretary of Transportation, Buttigieg serves as the first openly LGBTQ Cabinet member in U.S. history.

I love watching the Presidential election unfold from start to finish. Early on, you kept hearing a name over and over again and the name was Pete Buttigieg. After that, I grew fond of Buttigieg, his story and what he could bring to the table. Over time, the more and more you saw him on the TV, the more you couldn’t help but grow attached to who he was.

Upon announcing we were getting this documentary, I grew intrigued because I wanted to see where these morals come from, the foundation of where he came from and why he decided to run for president.

It blows my mind that people are still ‘protesting’ the idea of people that are gay and how they weaponize it with their faith. But, to understand that Buttigieg faced these battles and used the way he looks at scripture to fight back. He carries himself with confidence, maybe even a little swagger in his step but the way he comes off is always authentic.

Mayor Pete might be your prototypical documentary that highlights the same things we see in these types of films, but I think what stood out was that there might be a glimmer of hope if people like Pete lead the charge into the next wave of politics.

The Verdict: B


Written and Directed by Joe Mateo
Plot: A stranded horticulturist-astronaut meets an ethereal visitor on a desolate dwarf planet.

Blush is a short film that debuted on Apple TV+ on October 1, 2021. I’ve been wanting to get around to it after hearing the raves about the film.

Out the gate, the visuals are STUNNING. You can’t help but be in awe of this world that Joe Mateo built within this short film. The colors are radiant and indeed leave you in awe.

To make a film work that is dialogue-less, you have to impress the audience with the technical aspect and also bring something to the table to keep the interest in what is happening. Mateo does all of this and then some. The visuals were stunning, as I said, but the score was beautiful and warm, which fit the tone of this film perfectly. For being only 12 minutes, I felt so much and it was nothing short of a remarkable tale that I hope we see become a full-length feature soon.

The Verdict: A

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