‘Wentworth’ Season 9 Episode 10 ‘Legacy’ Review – Series Finale

The day of reckoning has arrived and Lou (Kate Box) plans on going out with a bang. A battle for survival ensues amongst staff and inmates whilst one last conflict rises from the ashes. What lies ahead for the beloved H-block crew?

There are so many storylines that need to be concluded in this finale that leave you questioning: can they pull it off in just 45 minutes? Short answer? Absolutely. Thing progress quite smoothly – until every integral character gets thrown into the slot, that is. Concern starts to seep in. Is precious screen time going to waste? Well, let’s just say that the anticipation of Lou’s big escape plan is worth all that set up. I hope the edge of your seat if comfortable enough because that’s where you’ll be sitting.

Now, everyone we’ve grown to love (and detest) is in danger. With this being the finale, whoever will survive the crumbling prison is really a coin toss. If there’s one thing Wentworth does consistently well, it’s pushing the boundaries of television drama. Stakes are raised through the roof with parallels to the season 3 finale reflecting clear as day. Why did this show have remind us the reason we love it so much in its final hour? It makes the last goodbye infinitely harder to say.

Ann (Jane Hall) is truly terrible. Seriously. She expresses no remorse, no concern for her actions, only justifying a means to push her own agenda against Judy (Vivienne Awosoga), but the last straw is when she attempts to silence Vera (Kate Atkinson). Having her call out Ann’s reckless behaviour has been a long time coming. Although, the general manager is completely overwhelmed with adrenaline and vengeance that fears for Vera’s safety come fleeing in.

A surprising saviour comes to Vera’s aide. Ferguson’s (Pamela Rabe) motive is revealed at last. The way this show created someone so viciously diabolical only to flip the table seasons later is an exceptional example of development. Vera and Ferguson’s dynamic plays out beautifully in the last chapter as an understanding is reached. There is a nagging part to their conclusion that leaves it very open-ended. Whether it had the desired effect is still up in the air but for now, we’ll pretend that there’s no repercussions (or future stalking incidents).

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for! After building up the tension, Rita finally goes toe-to-toe with the top dog not once but twice. If only both scenes had been longer because it was extremely fulfilling watching these two alphas trying to tear each other apart, obviously whilst rooting for Rita of course. For a hot second, it was touch and go with Lou looking like she’d have the last laugh. However, not one to face defeat, the denim queen teaches her one final lesson. Vive la Rita!

Wentworth wraps up its stellar nine year run with a bittersweet but satisfying conclusion. Filled with heart-stopping suspenseful drama, action and tearful reunions, Legacy lives up to its namesake. All there is left to say is goodbye to these wonderful characters. It’s been an adventure.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

One thought on “‘Wentworth’ Season 9 Episode 10 ‘Legacy’ Review – Series Finale

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  1. I keep thinking Ferguson is going to kidnap grace and dissapear.
    Vera will go home to a dead babysitter and a note in the crib.
    It didn’t feel like the end with Ferguson at large.


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