My Top 5 Werewolf Movies

A good werewolf movie is hard to find and yet, they are still one of my favourite sub-genres to watch.

Since it’s Halloween soon, I ranked my top 5 werewolf flicks below!

5. Howl (2015)

Apparently, if you want a decent Lycan film, Britain is the place to be. I really wasn’t expecting anything spectacular from this one but Howl is actually very good at setting a suspenseful tone. Stranded in the middle of nowhere when their train breaks down, a group of people must find a way to survive until dawn. The werewolves themselves are quite silly to look it, but overall, a solid attempt.

4. Skinwalkers (2006)

It’s a retired narrative at this point: two clans (one good, the other evil) fighting for domination, there’s a kid in the middle of this, turns out he has the cure, yada yada yada… I remember watching this one a bunch of times years ago and the acting isn’t anything special, nor are the effects, and the plot is predictable, but it is filled with action and shootouts and makes for an alright viewing every once in a blue (full) moon.

3. Teen Wolf (1985)

Before MTV pushed the dark, sexy teen-drama angle, Teen Wolf was a quirky and comical coming-of-age tale with Michael J. Fox in the lead role. Even though it’s a little cheesy, there’s a fun feel good vibe embedded in the story that basically sums up the 80s. Besides, does MTV have the high school wolf dance? Absolutely not.

2. An American Werewolf in London (1980)

Maybe it’s an obvious cliché to include American Werewolf on this list but it really is an exceptional movie. Fantastic special effects? Check. Great soundtrack? Check. Gore? Check. To this day, there hasn’t been a werewolf transformation portrayed on-screen as disturbing as David’s. Even though the pace slows for a few scenes, it jumps directly back into the horror during the second half.

1. Dog Soldiers (2002)

A golden oldie starring a pre-Grey’s Anatomy Kevin McKidd about a platoon hunted by a pack of lycans. This is my favourite werewolf movie by a long shot. Even now, the effects have held up better than modern flicks! Merging humour with horror, Dog Soldiers is highly underrated for all it provides. Plus, it’s set in my home country so bonus points for marketing the Scottish highlands!

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