Movie reviews roundup

Baby Driver 2017 Review

Baby Driver is an amazing film with some very creative styles

The movie starts with a bank heist and straight away pulls you into the action-comedy and intensity. The story follows Baby, a getaway driver who wants to try and get out of this dangerous life after meeting his love interest.

The movie heavily relies on music throughout the film. The primary character, Baby, always has his earphones in and listens to music. It’s a way of him concentrating. The clever thing about this film is it times everything perfectly with the music, so if gunshots or doors are shutting, it times it to music.

It also had some very clever cinematography with lots of unique creative styles and angles, and most other action movies don’t have the artistic feel of camera angles.

The cast is all outstanding in this film. Lots of talent throughout baby is played by Ansel Elgort, who is fantastic and Lilly James as his love interest, with lots more big talent throughout the film, including Jaime Foxx, Eliza González, and John Hamm. They included many aspects of this film, from emotional to funny to edge-of-your-seat stuff, and look out for a twist halfway through.

The movie is directed by Edgar Wright, who has done hot fuzz and Shaun of the dead, but it’s an extremely different style, and he pulls it off well. I did think this movie was a little overhyped but all-around fun and clever. If you’re looking for a fun movie and have some time to chill, this is a good one to watch.

Scream 1996 Review

Scream is a fantastic horror movie a must-watch for everyone. This film reinvented horror for its time. The film is about a girl called Sidney whose mom was murdered a year ago; coincidentally, more murders start to happen, so Sidney try’s to find the killer as everyone seems to be a suspect.

The movie is fun from start to finish. It could also be classed as a murder mystery. It’s a first of its kind of horror film to be realistic and the filmmakers make references to other horror movies, like Halloween, etc. All the characters are self-aware and when you usually watch a horror movie and think to yourself, don’t open the door, or don’t go in there, the characters also think that. It is one of the reasons why it’s so clever. Wes Craven directed this movie and suspense is used a lot in this film, even from the opening scene. For example, Drew Barrymore, who plays Casey, is at her home and is making popcorn with tin foil on it. As things start to get more suspenseful, the popcorn swells as tension rises.

The cinematography shows another way of how to build tension. In the opening scene, whereas things get darker, craven uses closer, tighter shots of Casey framing her with windows and walls. It gives an element of feeling trapped.

The movie makes you do lots of guess detective work. At one point, you think you have worked out the story and cracked the case, but just as you think it’s done, another twist comes in, or something else happens.
I never saw the ending without giving spoilers and was surprised but also thought how clever it was.

You get drawn in more to the characters because they are all clever, self-aware and not like your typical horror movie. So if you are looking for a fantastic horror film that’s not too scary and, in the end, all make sense, then this is the perfect one to watch in time for Halloween. It also prepares you for Scream 5.

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