‘Turner & Hooch’ Season 1 Episode 8 ‘Arf Appreciation’ Review

In order to protect his career (and his dog), Scott must prove Hooch’s innocence after the pup is blamed for destroying valuable artefacts. Erica resorts to giving him the cold shoulder, and it seems we’ll never uncover the truth about Turner Sr.

It was a slow-burner what with Scott’s role being brought into question and having his job threatened once again. Although, he’s prove countless times that he is competent within his career as a U.S. Marshal even when Hooch is apparently disobedient. Trent remains obnoxious as ever but his irrational concerns are surprisingly shared by Baxter in this episode.

When Scott seeks Erica’s help, she shoots him down – take a stand, girl! Much to his dismay, Turner now has no dog and no guidance. As it turns out, the cold shoulder he is receiving is exactly the push Scott needed to recognise and appreciate Erica’s presence in his life. He still seems to be ignoring the obvious, which is that Erica is completely smitten with him despite his constant brushing off. Are we really supposed to be rooting for a Scott/Erica coupling this far into the show?

The question of hour revolves around Hooch’s innocence. Of course he didn’t destroy the warehouse. We know that, Scott knows that, but to drive the plot forward, Turner just so happens to lose control of his partner and it reflects very very badly on him. This plot is a poorly constructed diversion from discovering who the real thief is, focusing on Scott trying and failing to figure out what’s going on with Hooch.

Thankfully, Erica is the saviour we all need! With an apology from Scott, she opts to help him out and as a result, the case is well on its way to being solved. Scott’s reputation lives to see another day and Hooch is off the hook. Whilst all of this is going on, nothing is revealed about Scott’s father. Not a single thing… But hey, another cliffhanger ending. That looks promising right? Right?

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