‘Turner and Hooch’ Season 1 Episode 7 ‘To Serve and Pawtect’

Scott gets himself into a bit of hot water with his colleagues when Brooke pulls the necessary strings to put him on a high profile case – to protect a senator amidst her campaign.

No one has been more densely irritating to watch than Scott during this entire episode. Not only is he happy for nepotism to run its course with Brooke backing his corner, he blatantly disregards Erica’s romantic feelings for him right in front of her… Not cool, Scott. So far, there’s been no reason for us to actually root for Turner in any aspect; he lacks chemistry with either love interest – Brooke seems more beneficial to him for business and Erica simply deserves better – but towards the end, he rights his wrongs and puts a little more faith into himself. 

Hooch pulls through in every way that Scott fails to yet the case is all very lacklustre overall. Somehow, the pup is still continuing to impress with a brand new skill that’s been unheard of until the plot calls for it. No disrespect to Hooch, of course. Isn’t he what we’re all here for anyway? There are a few good-natured jokes revolving around Hooch’s howling, which lead Scott to making incorrect assumptions as to what could be bothering the dog.

Whilst all of this is going on, Laura resumes her snooping into the Turner Sr case which, you guessed it, comes to no fruition. With just five episodes left, we sure don’t know a whole bunch about what was initially perceived as the central mystery of the series. However, the conclusion leaves us in a cliffhanger involving Laura’s ex. What is Grady hiding? Could this be the step forward that Scott and Laura need in finding closure?

To Serve and Pawtect’ fails to hit the mark this time. Scott at least made a reflection on why depending on cutting the line to advance is not something to strive for. His relationship with Brooke is starting to break down and, for the first time, Scott becomes aware of the minor tension between them. With the final moments in mind, episode 8 is looking promising in making much-needed progress.

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