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News of the World Review

News of the World Review

A Civil War veteran agrees to deliver a girl, taken by the Kiowa people years ago, to her aunt and uncle, against her will. They travel hundreds of miles and face grave dangers as they search for a place that either can call home. Paul Greengrass and Tom Hanks are back together for the first … Continue reading News of the World Review

Binge Watch: Ron Howard

Rebuilding Paradise, a new documentary film by Ron Howard, is now available on VOD and in limited screenings. It is my favorite film of the year so far, a powerful exploration of the fire that devastated the small town of Paradise, California, and the year following. Howard is a great filmmaker, and he captures the … Continue reading Binge Watch: Ron Howard

2005 Oscars Revisited

The Oscars never seem to get it right, well here at the MCDI, we aim to rectify the mistakes of the Academy. So we kicked off a new series in which we re-nominated and re-award the Oscars. Today we are tackling the 2005 Oscars. You can listen to the full show here: https://open.spotify.com/episode/0mgMJ4dohBgwSgcGoRxfYU?si=okFiYUOqTnKYvtlSW1E8WQ Panel for … Continue reading 2005 Oscars Revisited

The Valero Verdict: Greyhound

The Verdict: The Verdict: ★★ The film would've been better if it was on an actual Greyhound bus. The film would've been better if it was on an actual Greyhound bus. Subscribe to the Music City Drive-In podcast on all your favorite Podcasting apps. Check it out here Subscribe to the Music City Drive-In podcast … Continue reading The Valero Verdict: Greyhound

Apple TV+ Announces ‘Greyhound’ Release Date

Apple TV+ acquired Tom Hank's led film 'Greyhound', they have finally announced when it will drop on its streaming platform. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eyzxu26-Wqk Release Date: July 10th Early in World War II, an inexperienced U.S. Navy captain must lead an Allied convoy being stalked by Nazi U-boat wolfpacks.