‘Turner & Hooch’ Season 1, Episode 3 ‘Diamonds Are Furever’ Review

Turner is once again coming up short with casework, being sidelined and treated inferiorly to the team’s golden boy, Trent. Naturally, whilst on the lookout for a new partner, Scott gravitates towards the latter in the hope that his reputation on the field will skyrocket… Hooch has other plans.

Following the same format as the previous weeks, the dynamic duo are unsurprisingly removed from a case. Hooch continues to hinder his new owner’s chances at progressing in his career, spending the entire episode playing around with an irritating squeaky toy. In the middle of all of this, the pup proceeds to humiliate Turner in front of the T-Squad at any given opportunity when he seemingly fails to track down a suspect, much to the dismay of everyone working the assignment.

Turner is at a standstill. He becomes unmotivated because he is being isolated from the rest of the team, his dog has been leading him to nothing but disappointment and he still has no further leads on his father’s untimely passing. On the bright side, his relationship with Erica is beginning to show small, tiny signs of developing into the romance that we all know is bound to happen.

Whilst dealing with his career crisis, Scott is working alongside Erica to train Hooch into the greatest K9 the force has ever seen. It’s great to see that Vanessa Lengies is finally getting some much deserved screen time because she is purely delightful to watch. Although, there is now the possibility for a love triangle with the arrival of Turner’s lost love, Brooke (Becca Tobin). 

It’s starting to feel like we’re moving forward with the series, despite certain elements being repetitive. Another arc that is coming into development involves Turner Sr’s death. There was brief conflict between the two siblings in this episode, which may be slightly too early to explore but something needs to kickstart this plot device because the enigma can only be dragged on for so long.

Episode 3 has been the most enjoyable chapter so far with lots of humour to keep you entertained. Multiple narratives are now finding their feet to propel the general story forward. Whether a love triangle is what the show needs is still up for debate, but there’s potential for some action and drama in the coming weeks with how the rest of the plot is unfolding.

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