Mainstream – Movie Review

Mainstream – Movie Review

Mainstream: Directed by Gia Coppola

SYNOPSIS: A young woman finds a path to internet stardom when she starts making videos with a charismatic stranger.

Oh boy oh boy this was something I was very interested to check out. The very thought of a film that tackles the toxicity of social media and the nature of becoming viral has always intrigued me. This is something that has always been a bit taboo and not ever truly translated to the screen as well as it has now. The thought of going viral and doing whatever it takes to achieve that is something that has become very dangerous in today’s world. We see it now time and time again and those people now live in infamy for some of these events.

Andrew Garfield is spectacular. A true talent that gives and gives. It would be an understatement to say that I am excited to see him in the upcoming Netflix film, Tick Tick Boom. But this is different. Garfield isn’t playing just one person. He truly embodies all of that is social media, all of the faces that you know and some that you love to hate. He embodies what it means to go viral and just how far some may go to gain that fame. He does it to a point that is absolutely breathtaking and real. 

The direction is ok, I think Gia Coppola had a message she wanted to tell and a certain style she wanted to get on screen and it seems like she did that. I enjoyed some of the cinematography but the real bright spots are the two things mentioned before, the take on the toxicity of the internet and influencers and the standout performance from Andrew Garfield.

Besides the performance of Garfield and how accurately it tackles the toxicity of the internet, that is really as far as the good of this film goes. The writing of this film is extremely shallow, the characters are unlikeable to the point of anger. It really does border on the edge of being a complete mess. Characters are making decisions that make absolutely no sense, the plot is pushed further than it needs to and boring and unneeded sub-plots are riddled all throughout the film.

FINAL: Mainstream is a mess of a time about the mess that is the internet. A standout performance from Andrew Garfield, some nice visuals, interesting direction and the most accurate portrayal of influencer life that I’ve seen make it palatable at times. But in the end, muddy writing, unlikable characters and undesirable subplots make this film more of a mess than anything of substance. 

Point Breakdown:

25 for Entertainment 18

20 for Performances 16

10 for Direction 6

10 for Writing 6

10 for Emotions 7

10 for Cinematography 7

5 for Pacing 4

5 for Rewatchability 3

5 pts Automatic 5

Mainstream: 72/100

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