‘The Servant’ Craft Team Press Interview

M. Night Shyamalan’s ‘The Servant’ has been another layer on top of his hit after hit since the release of ‘The Visit’. The series follows Dorothy and Sean Turner, a Philadelphia couple who hire a girl named Leanne to be the nanny for their baby son, Jericho. Leanne’s arrival brings about strange and frightening occurrences for the couple.

We had the pleasure of sitting in on the press with the entire craft team from the show. We got to ask a few questions and also take some information in.

Season One Trailer

Season Two Trailer

The understanding of the behind the scenes and breaking down how they utilized different colors to make the seasons work. I find it interesting that season two had a more laughs than the first season but still brought the scares.

All of the craft team was very much in praise of M. Night Shyamalan, and working with him. He truly seems like he is a visionary behind the scenes that matches his out of this world work on his shows and movies.

We had the opportunity to discuss the making-of process with some of the craft team. We sent our Benji Bury to meet the crew and discuss.

BB: Question for Mr. Gureckis. What is the biggest difference from composing for movies to composing for TV?

TG: “In terms of my style, not much. I like to stick to what I know no matter it being TV or film. The biggest difference for sure is time. On movies, I’m used to being brought in as the music composer sometimes before filming has started, so I have a tone of time to experiment new things to get it just right. With TV, it’s more like “here it is, come up with a score”. That’s where M. Night comes in. He’s very respectful of the creative process behind the camera, so whilst I had a limit, he never made me feel rushed and I always felt like the music I made came organically and that I made it at my own pace.”

BB: I guess this can be a question for anybody, was it a difficulty working on separate episodes when a different person had worked on others?

Harvey Rosenstock: “Absolutely. I think all of my fellow colleagues will agree it makes sticking with the style and theme of the show all the more difficult. But M. Night was really helpful in terms of this issue. He knew from the get go exactly what he wanted and it was always very clear to us. So all it came down to was watching the previous episodes and making sure it fits the mould of what has been crafted beforehand.”

Sean Garnhart: “I agree with what Harvey said but I would also like to mention, me and my department work very closely together and we are all friends, we’re also very professional about our work. They were always clear with me what they had done on the episode they’d worked on so I could get to work before I could see the episode, which was extremely helpful in terms of giving me a big boost in time.”

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