What Can We Expect From Dynasty Season 4?

What Can We Expect From Dynasty Season 4?

When season 3 was cut short, Dynasty left us with so many loose ends. As usual, we ended on a cliffhanger but with COVID halting productions, it was unclear on when these stories would be wrapped up.

Now that we have a release date (May 7th), it’s time to start theorising on what we can expect from the upcoming season.

1. Will Fallon and Liam Finally Tie the Knot?

This one is a bit of a no-brainer. Showrunner, Josh Remiss, has confirmed we’d be seeing the much-anticipation wedding early on. Fallon and Liam have been on a tumultuous journey from season 1 with a considerable amount of drama to keep them apart; yet, they always find their way back to one another. Will it be smooth sailing from the vows? Well, it wouldn’t be Dynasty without a few spanners thrown in for good measure, but the least they could do is give the future newlyweds a break for even one episode.

2. Is Adam’s World About to Crumble?

Last season, Anders began an investigation into Adam’s mysterious yet violent past. We have already seen Adam’s alliance with the Carringtons disintegrate but time and time again, he has managed to manipulate his way back into the family. However, Anders’ exposure of Adam threatens to reveal the truth behind Alexis’ accident as well as Steven’s disappearance, which I can’t imagine Blake nor Fallon will be ready to forgive and forget.

3. Will Steven Return?

If Anders is looking to tie up loose ends with Adam, it would make sense to re-introduce Steven this season. After being written off in season 2, it seems that he has been completely forgotten about by his family. Sure, Steven was admitted to a rehabilitation asylum in France, but it would be nice for the characters to at least acknowledge his absence or even that they’ve contacted him off-screen. With Adam’s impeding downfall looming, Steven could make his grand re-appearance in the mid-season finale cliffhanger.

4. Are Cristal and Blake Headed for a Divorce?

Season 3 saw the spark between Cristal and Blake begin to fade but they managed to set themselves back on track on numerous occasions. However, after having an affair with Caleb, Cristal’s guilty conscious may prove to be too much to handle. Could this be the final straw? Realistically, they’re more likely to take a break than separate for good. Based on what they have overcome in prior episodes, an affair is probably child’s play to them. If anything, they will pull together stronger than ever, ready to take down whoever dares stand in their way… But seriously, maybe it’s time to close the curtain on this couple.

5. Does Alexis Have an Ulterior Motive for Jeff?

It’s a little concerning that Jeff Colby has married both Carrington women (okay, technically his marriage to Fallon wasn’t legal and Alexis was nothing more than a business deal); yet Alexis appears to have developed feelings for him. Whether they are genuine or a part of an ulterior motive is still up in the air. As for Jeff, he is suffering from his neuro-toxin illness. Will he meet his demise this season? It’s plausible considering the similarities of his storyline to Cecil Colby’s in the original series. Could this be building up to Alexis’ eventual takeover of ColbyCo?

6. Will Dex Make His Introduction?

In the original series, Dex is hailed as Alexis’ greatest love after Blake. He was initially introduced in season 4 following the breakdown of a business deal involving the Colbys and the Carringtons (sound familiar?); it seems only appropriate that he would show up sooner rather than later in the reboot. Should he not, well, it wouldn’t be the first time Dynasty altered the timeline of the show. However, I imagine he is well on his way to Atlanta.

7. What’s Up With Sammy-Jo’s Less Than Desirable Love Life?

Sammy-Jo does not have the best of luck when it comes to relationships, and season 3 wasn’t any better for him. Nursing a heartbreak, Sam ends up in a bit of a bind after he drunkenly marries a stripper named Scorpio. An annulment sounds like the current plan of action but things are never this straightforward in Dynasty and it looks like they could be setting up a love triangle between Sam, Fletcher and Scorpio. Plus, the writers can always throw Steven into the mix to complicate matters further.

8. Justice for Culhane?

Michael Culhane’s role has slowly but surely went from love interest to a background character. There is so much potential with Culhane, and he could very easily be built into a worthy rival for Blake. After chauffeuring the Carringtons around for as long as he did, Culhane is bound to be privy to life-altering information that could potentially destroy the Carrington empire. Of course, he has distanced himself from the drama so a sudden change of heart may not be very believable, but it’d be nice for Culhane to have a bit more development this season. Although, I assume it won’t be long before there’s another love affair involving Culhane…

Dynasty was renewed for season 5 in February 2021.

Season 4 will premiere on May 7th on The CW.

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