Winter TV Roundup, Week 9

February is behind us and we can see Spring on the horizon. Behind it comes summer, longer days and time in the sun. But, until we can get there, we’ll continue to have times hiding inside under blankets, looking for a show to dive into. There’s plenty of new series debuting, but what’s worth your... Continue Reading →

‘Walker’ (2021) Series Review

The first season of The CW drama has met its awaited conclusion with Walker finally bringing justice to his late wife’s killer only to leave the series on an eerie cliffhanger. From the pilot, Walker establishes its own foundation. At no point does the show feel like it is trying to replicate the original in... Continue Reading →

Top 5 ‘Dynasty’ Musical Moments

Dynasty has made a triumph return to The CW and the series has been well and truly set into motion for the diabolical Carrington crew. After a beautiful wholehearted performance from Fallon (Elizabeth Gillies) in the second episode, it’s worth taking a look back at the show’s best musical moments: 5. Happy Together Performed by Elizabeth Gillies... Continue Reading →

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