Oscars Rewrite – In Favor of Glenn Close

I often wonder what the world would look like if Glenn Close did have an Academy Award. I think the world would actually be a better place if we had seen one of the best working actors of the last 40 plus years win the highest achievement in her field. Now, if Glenn had won an Oscar, what year would it have been?

I wouldn’t take away an Oscar from Cher, even though I think Glenn’s best work is in Fatal Attraction. I definitely wouldn’t give up Olivia Colman’s win; I watch her acceptance speech maybe twice a week. So where would we give Glenn Close her Academy Award? The easiest answer is 2012, but I would change a few winners in Best Actress Oscar history to get to this outcome. How did I get there you ask?

In my world, which is most definitely just Chromatica, the 2010 Academy Awards did not award Sandra Bullock for her performance in The Blind Side, they went ahead and gave Meryl Streep her third Oscar for her performance as Julia Child in Julie & Julia. I mean, she won the Golden Globe for Actress in a Comedy or Musical, so it could have happened. The 2011 Academy Awards have the same winner, Natalie Portman for her perfect performance in Black Swan. In my world, we’d never take anything away from Natalie.

We would then go into the 2012 Academy Awards with Meryl Streep already having three Academy Awards. So, we would not need to give her a third Academy Award for doing an impression of playing Margaret Thatcher. I don’t really care for Albert Nobbs, but I would have preferred to finally see Glenn Close give an acceptance speech on that Oscar stage. Now let’s say this did happen, what would this mean beyond 2012? Would this inspire more overdue winners? Or would this help us recognize more new talent?

At the 2013 Academy Awards, I think we’d still have J-Law fever and see her win that night for her performance in Silver Linings Playbook. However, the following Oscar ceremony, I think we’d be in for a different winner. Since Sandra Bullock never won her Oscar for The Blind Side in 2010, we’d have more of a campaign for her in 2014. We’d have Sandra win for her performance in Gravity and not see Cate Blanchett win an Oscar for a leading role. (I WILL come back to her, I promise!)

In 2015, I think we’d still have Julianne Moore win for her powerful work in Still Alice. I know most of us consider it an “overdue Oscar,” but I do think it was still a deserving performance. (Even though Rosamund Pike had a superior performance that year). Now, in 2016, I know Brie is just outstanding and devastating in Room, but in my world, Cate Blanchett wins her Best Actress (in a leading role) Oscar here for her role in Carol.

I can’t go over rewriting Oscar history without bringing up the 2017 Academy Awards. While I adore Emma Stone and do love her performance in La La Land, it was nothing in comparison to what Natalie Portman did in Jackie. I will die on this hill and be fine with it; I know she didn’t even win the Globe for Drama, but it was the superior performance. (I AM SORRY RICKY)

I think following the 2017 Oscars, we’d see the same winners in Best Actress. I don’t see the Academy not rewarding Frances (again), Olivia, or Renée (again). I do wish we’d see more winners that are 100% based on the performance and not based on campaigning or if the actor is overdue. If the Academy did just reward actors for the best performance, we wouldn’t get to the point we’re at with Glenn Close or what happened with Leo. Maybe one day this will all change. Or maybe we can all just move to Chromatica where Glenn Close has an Oscar.

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