2022 Music City Film Critic Association Nominations

The 2022 Music City Film Critic Association nominations were announced today. I am excited as a member of the group to share the nominations with each of you today. Everything Everywhere All at Once leads the way with a Music City Film Critics’ Association record 12 nominations for the MCFCA 2023 Film Awards. The Daniel's... Continue Reading →

Scott’s Top 5 Films of 2022

As 2022 comes to a close, I once again relish the opportunity to join every other critic in the world in preparing a list of the best films the year had to offer. Overall, 2022 felt like a rather strong cinematic year with some innovative and original films that provided me with that all too... Continue Reading →

‘TÁR’ Review

Few filmmakers on this planet have yet to tarnish their perfect track records. Todd Field is one of those directors. With “In the Bedroom,” “Little Children,” and after a sixteen-year hiatus, “TÁR,” he has three underrated masterpieces on his hands. The tale of Lydia Tár is one to go down in history as a chilling... Continue Reading →

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