2020 Best Documentaries

As countdown the end of the year, it amazes me what a whirlwind of a year it has been, especially in the world of film. For the majority of 2020, movie theaters have been closed, streaming has become the new king, and we have witnessed a pandemic as this generation has yet to see. 2021 looks bleak as far as when movies will be back out again for the norm. Still, today, I start my series of best of which will last over a multitude of pieces that will include my top 10 films, tackling all four acting categories, most disappointed, and whatever other I muster up.

Although I didn’t mention today’s topic, it’s mostly because I am in awe of the beautiful work done in the world of Documentaries. Whether it was the story of overcoming the unknown information to the stories we needed to know, this was a fantastic year in this category. That’s why today, I will reveal my top 5 favorite Documentaries of 2020.

Other notable documentaries: One Were Brothers, Boys State, Citizen Penn, and My Psychedelic Love Story

5. Tie – Miss Americana & Shawn Mendes: In Wonder

Shawn Mendes is an incredibly talented artist in which I knew of his songs but wasn’t exactly going out of my way to listen to his work, and that all changed after watching this documentary. 

Excerpt from my review: Shawn Mendes: In Wonder is an authentic look at the rise of a star. One could resonate with those looking to chase a dream. It’s a beautiful journey to watch, and I’ll be rooting for the kid for years to come.

Check out my full review here: Shawn Mendes: In Wonder Review

I’ve always been a huge Taylor Swift fan, and this documentary only made me love her even more. Swift got raw, personal, and heartfelt in the story of her life, growing up in the music business and the stigma that surrounds it all.

Check out my full review here: Miss Americana Review

4. Kingdome of Silence

Before watching ‘Kingdom of Silence’, I had little to no understanding of who Jamal Khashoggi was or did. After watching the documentary, I couldn’t stop looking up things regarding everything that he did. Rick Rowley told this story in a poetic way that showed Khashoggi’s excellent work and exposing our relationship with Saudi Arabi.

Check out my full review here: Kingdom of Silence Review

3. How Can You Mend a Broken Heart

I saw this on the Nashville Film Festival’s opening night, and it was the best film that I saw during the documentary. I have always had mixed feelings about the Bee Gees and their music. It was still hit and miss for me. But this documentary shared their journey through music, heartbreak, and love, it was incredibly personal, and that’s what made it good.

Check out my full review here: How Can You Mend a Broken Heart Review

2. Rebuilding Paradise

I wasn’t mentally prepared for what this documentary would do to me. As you saw the raw footage of what transpired in this town, you couldn’t help but breakdown. We saw it felt like it was straight out of a disaster movie and nothing we would witness in real life.

Rebuilding Paradise was the story of hope, which I hope inspires generations for years to come.

Check out my full review here: Rebuilding Paradise Review and you can listen to my interview with the Mayor of Paradise here: Mayor Woody Culleton Interview

1. You Cannot Kill David Arquette

For many years, I had angst towards Arquette, and a lot had to do with my professional wrestling background, but to watch the way that my angst and the host of others hurt him and watching him throughout this documentary as he was healing blew my mind.

YCKDA isn’t just my favorite documentary of the year, but it’s one of the year’s best films.

Check out my full review here, YCKDA Review

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