Monday Recap, Week 7

What a wild Week 7. There were some big games and fantastic finishes. If you played Davante Adams or Tyler Lockett, you’re feeling good this morning. If you played against them, well, you might have some other feelings. That’s where Monday Night Miracles come in! But before we get to tonight’s game, let’s look at some takeaways from the rest of Week 7.

Patriots: Cam Newton has harsh self-evaluation ahead of Week 7

The Patriots Have Issues

New England dropped to 2-4 yesterday with a terrible home loss to the San Francisco 49ers. Worse yet, Cam Newton looked bad. While he struggled against Denver in Week 6, most chalked it up to rust coming off the COVID list. But in Week 7, even with a week of practice, he went 9-for-15 for 98 yards and three interceptions. He wasn’t able to do much with his feet, either. The Patriots whole team struggled, so Cam wasn’t alone, but this could be a bad sign for the team moving forward. The Patriots are third in the AFC East and way behind the curve if they hope to make the playoffs in 2020.

Dallas Has A Lot of Problems

To start this season, the Cowboys defense struggled, but the offense was a boon to fantasy owners. Now, with Dak Prescott lost for the year, it looks like that isn’t even true. Andy Dalton struggled mightily in Week 6 on Monday Night Football against the Cardinals. He also struggled a great deal in Week 7 against Washington before being knocked out by one of the dirtiest hits of the year. Now it’s a question if Dalton will be available in Week 8, and if he is whether it will make a difference. The Cowboys have a lot of weapons on the roster, but also a lot of questions. Even at 2-5 they’re not out of the running in the NFC East, but next week’s division clash with the Eagles will go a long way toward determining how far of a hole they’ve dug for themselves.

COVID Shouldn’t Be Taken Lightly

We’ve experienced a lot this season, and much of it has been a headache. Players have missed games, teams have gotten unexpected bye weeks and the season has been a moving target. But it’s important to remember this is a season, and a virus, that has serious consequences. That was brought home again this week as news of Ryquell Armstead broke over the weekend. Armstead went on the COVID list during camp, and then again just before the regular season. But we didn’t hear much after that until this last week, when it was revealed that he’s continued to struggle with the illness and will miss the season. While thoughts and prayers are with Armstead for his recovery, it’s also a sobering reminder of the real dangers we all face in this time. So while the schedule shifts might be a pain, if it protects these athletes, coaches and their families, then it’s all worth it.

And now it’s on to our Monday Night preview.

Chicago Bears At Los Angeles Rams: Week 7 Game Prediction

Chicago Bears (5-1) at Los Angeles Rams (4-2)

This is a battle of two contenders in the NFC, but it’s also a game that could be a low-scoring struggle. The Bears are winning with defense and a few clutch performances, but they haven’t looked pretty doing it. Nick Foles might be a better choice to lead the team on the field, but he hasn’t been much better for fantasy. David Montgomery is getting the work in the backfield, but he hasn’t produced consistently for fantasy. Allen Robinson is still a great receiver, but he can’t control the passes and play calls, while tight end Jimmy Graham has been a consistent touchdown threat. And all of it has quietly led to a 5-1 season that has them poised for the playoffs.

The Rams, meanwhile, are 4-2 but third in the tight-packed NFC West. The team is coming off a tough loss to the 49ers last week and need a win to keep pace with the Cardinals and the Seahawks in a division where everyone is above .500. Offensively the team has gotten contributions from three running backs, several receivers and two tight ends. That’s been great for the Rams, but tough for fantasy owners. Darrell Henderson, Robert Woods and Cooper Kupp seem like the best plays in fantasy, but it’s tough to feel certain about that.

So, this should be a good game, but it might also be hit-or-miss for fantasy. That makes landing a Monday Night Miracle tricky. Montgomery, Robinson and Graham are all starts for the Bears, and any could have a decent game, though Robinson seems to have the best chance if you need 30-plus. For the Rams, Woods and Kupp are starts, while Henderson feels like the safest choice in the RB committee. Jared Goff figures to have decent appeal, especially in Superflex. It’s hard to say who has the best chance of busting out, especially against a decent defense. I suspect this will be a low-scoring affair.

So good luck to everyone out there tonight!

Prediction: The Rams get the home win as both teams move to 5-2.

Matthew Fox is a graduate of the Radio, Television and Film program at Biola University, and a giant nerd. He spends his free time watching movies, TV, and obsessing about football. You can find him @knighthawk7734 on Twitter and as co-host of the Fantasy Football Roundtable Podcast, a proud member of the Drive-In Podcast Network.

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