Untitled Mailbag V8

Welcome back everyone to V8 of the Untitled Mailbag.

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Between the tornado’s that wreaked havoc in TN to the Corona Virus, this has been a challenging year on a personal level. For me, it challenged me in so many different ways, and I wasn’t sure how to approach the year, but one thing was for sure, I knew now wasn’t the time to stop.

I had a conversation with my good friend Erick Weber about film festivals, and he had told me he had just filled out the information for AFI (American Film Institute Festival) this year, and I thought, what do I have to lose? I got turned down by TIFF (Toronto Film Festival), and what’s the worst that can happen? Another no?

So, I hopped online and entered on the last day that you were able to enter for credentials. I signed up and forgot about it.

This past week I got this email.

I was in true disbelief because I could not believe I had gotten accepted to cover the festival. I am currently covering the Nashville Film Festival, which is exciting, but this is a big one for me, and I can’t wait to see what movies will be playing.

Now onto your questions

Question from Jassem (@jassemakhan on IG) – Can you compare the costs of animated movies and non animated movies?

You have to look at a few factors when you are talking about animated movies, and the biggest one is time. It takes on roughly 3 to 4 years to create an animated movie. So if you factor that in and the hundreds if not thousands of people you have to an employee during that timeframe, that is part number one.

Ark work creation is expensive, and while doing research, I found out it took between 11-12 hours of creative time to get a single frame of Sully (Monsters, Inc), on average EVERY time.

Lastly, server costs are huge, and you have to pay your actors for the voice overwork.

Question from Katherine (@likeyoudox on Twitter) – What was the first movie that you did a deep dive on, needing to know as much as possible about it, after you watched it?

Wow, this is such a great question. I had to really dig deep into my mind and think long and hard about this one.

I believe my first memory of having to do ample amount of research was Ron Howard’s ‘A Beautiful Mind.’ I was obsessed with John Nash the person. I did so much research after seeing this film, I got the book and everything. I still have a huge soft spot for that film.

Question from Jacob (@AintDunneYet on Twitter) – Who’s the most talented modern-day actress?

Okay, so this question is extremely hard to narrow it down to just one, but I am going to do my best to give you one but also like five more, maybe a top five in no order?

Jennifer Lawrence, Viola Davis, Charlize Theron, Amy Adams, and Emma Stone.

Question from Kenzie (@kenzvanunu on Twitter) Rank Aaron Sorkin’s top 5 scripts?

My goodness, Aaron Sorkin, is hands down one of the greatest writers of all-time, right? He has a brilliant mind that I would love to just sit with a pick his brain sometime.

  1. The Social Network – This is one of the greatest films of the all-time, period, but this screenplay is just perfection. 
  2. Steve Jobs – One of the most underrated films of the last decade. It blows my mind he wrote two scripts about two of the most pivotal figures of this generation and slayed them both. 
  3. We Just Decided To – You said script, and this is the first episode of the TV show ‘Newsroom,’ which is one of the best pilot episodes of any television show of all-time. There is a scene in this episode where Will McAvoy (Jeff Daniels) talks about why America isn’t the greatest country, and I watch it back at least once a year. 
  4. Moneyball – One of the best sports movies, about one of the smartest and most creative man in sports history. 
  5. A Few Good Men – Powerful script, and it’s unreal to think this was the first feature film that he wrote. 

Thank you so much for reading another episode of my weekly mailbag, hit me up on here or talk to me on Twitter with your questions @RickyValero_

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