2021 AFI Festival: Julia Movie Review

Directed by Julia Cohen and Betsy WestPlot: The film chronicles the life of Julia Child. Food is LoveJulia Child Most of us can remember as kids grabbing a cookbook out of the pantry and seeing Julia Child’s name on the cover. While I knew of her - I knew that she was this cooking phenom -... Continue Reading →

2021 AFI Festival: To What Remains Movie Review

Directed by Chris WoodsWritten by Mark MonroeProduced by Dan FriedkinOriginal Score by Joseph TrapanesePlot: A team searches for pilots whose planes went missing during the Battle of Peleliu in World War II. At the beginning of the film, we hear that over two hundred aircraft were shot down during World War II. You listen to lots of numbers and... Continue Reading →

Untitled Mailbag V8

Welcome back everyone to V8 of the Untitled Mailbag. Don't forget to get your questions in for the next mail bag by emailing me here: thevaleroverdict@gmail.com or send your questions on Twitter here. Between the tornado's that wreaked havoc in TN to the Corona Virus, this has been a challenging year on a personal level.... Continue Reading →

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