News Flash: Ryan Atwood is the Funniest Cohen

News Flash: Ryan Atwood is the Funniest Cohen

When thinking back on the hit teen-drama The O.C., most people think of Seth Cohen as the funny one. Now, this is true, but I’m here to tell you that his counterpart, Ryan Atwood, is just as funny! Yes, Seth is the hilarious, sarcastic, emo boyfriend we all wanted, but Ryan is not only good at brooding, but he’s also HILARIOUS! (also, um, maybe some spoilers ahead!)

Who could forget his classic line when punching Luke in the pinnacle, second episode of the first season, The Model Home?

Many episodes later back at the same model home, Ryan dishes it back to Summer when she brings up she was cruuuuushing on Ryan originally.

One of Ryan’s funniest moments is when he makes some fun of himself from the pilot with his tough guy attitude.

When Ryan got a liiiiitttleee defensive about Journey.

Remember how Ryan infamously responded to Marissa’s “I love you” (honestly, who could forget this?)

What about when Ryan was full of puns relating to both of Seth’s ladies?

Sometimes Ryan would crack jokes back at Seth. We love to see it.

Ryan was the king of poking fun at himself. No one broods like an Atwood.

Ryan knew he wasn’t much with words, but we’re okay with that.

Literally, Ryan knew words weren’t his strong suit. But we love him for being expressive with his actions.

We don’t approve of this even as a joke, but Ryan even made jokes at Pancakes’ expense.

Ryan living in the Cohen’s poolhouse: goals

Ryan making jokes about poolhouses: the best

Ryan in disbelief of Seth not giving him hours worth of advice is worthy of placement on a list highlighting his humor.

Ryan making jokes about Oliver to Oliver’s face is the best moment on this list. We love to see it.

I hope you walk away from this list with a new admiration for Ryan’s sense of humor! If you love The OC, please check out me and Ricky’s (Twitter @RickyValero_) new podcast tackling each episode of The OC! Watch or rewatch the show on HBO Max and then listen weekly wherever you listen to podcasts!  

One thought on “News Flash: Ryan Atwood is the Funniest Cohen

  1. Ryan: “Sometimes I think you talk just to make sounds.” 🤣

    Seth: “If you’re alone, cough twice.”
    Ryan: “I’m alone.” 🤣

    Seth: “Are you busy?”
    Ryan: “Would it matter?”


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