Ranking Sofia Coppola’s Films

The trailer was released for Sofia Coppola’s next film ‘On The Rocks’, I thought it would be fun to rank the best Feature Films that she has directed.

6. Marie Anotinette

5. The Beguiled

4. Somewhere

3. The Bling Ring

2. The Virgin Suicides

1. Lost in Translation

Lost in Translation is one of the greatest films ever made, period. One of the biggest travesties the Academy has ever done is not giving Sofia Coppola the Best Director Oscar.

The Academy also failed to nominate Scarlett Johansson, Bill Murray lost to Sean Penn for a mediocre performance in Mystic River, this film was robbed on so many levels.

The film has layers that leave you thinking for days and I can’t wait to see what Coppola and Murray have in store for us in On The Rocks.

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