Ranking New Movies Available on VOD

With the COVID-19 shutting down movie theaters across the nation, we are seeing movie studios take the initiative and release a lot of the 2020 films on VOD starting as soon as today.

The price tag on most is going to be $19.99 with some being available for 48-hour rental (others available for purchase at this price). I am here to help make the decision easier for you. I have ranked the top 5 in order of how you should stream them.

  • 1. The Way Back

    My rating: **** 1/2 out of ***** stars
    My review: Full Review
    Available: March 24th

    This movie was hands down the best film of 2020 so far. Ben Affleck’s performance alone is worth the price tag. He was raw, he was emotional and he was invested. We got to see a version of Affleck we have yet to see on the big screen.

    The writing, the score, the direction all make this an easy purchase.
  • 2. The Hunt

    My rating: *** 1/2 out of ***** stars
    My review: Full Review
    Available: March 20th

    ‘The Hunt’ is not perfect by any means and it has it’s underlining issues but overall the film worked for me. Gilpin showcased why she will be a star for years to come. The writers did a wonderful job of building this film around her and she took it and ran with it.

    If you are looking for a fun kick-ass movie to watch, this would hands down be the first option.
  • 3. I Still Believe

    My Rating: *** 1/2 out of ***** stars
    My Review: Full Review
    Available: March 27th

    I won’t pretend that “I Still Believe” is the best movie of the year but I will say it is very inspirational. Gunn/Erwin wrote a love story through the eyes of faith which saw Apa/Robertson sold us on the idea that Melissa/Jeremy were just like us. It’s heartfelt, it’s warm and it’s real.

    If you are looking for a romantic film to watch with your significant others, ‘I Still Believe’ is the film for you.
  • 4. Bloodshot

    My rating: *** out of ***** stars
    My review: Will be publishing soon
    Available: March 24th

    Bloodshot doesn’t do anything to reinvent the action wheel but it does pack a whole lot of punch. It’s an action-packed film with a rather solid story. Plus Vin Diesel + White Tank Top + Half Naked Girls = Recipe for a fun popcorn flick.
  • 5. Birds Of Prey

    My Rating: ** 1/2 out of ***** stars
    My Review: Full Review
    Available: March 20th

    ‘Birds of Prey’ was highly disappointing for me. You go in expecting it to be a little cheesy and over the top but that’s an understatement. There were several times that I found myself saying “OMG” out loud. Overall, it was an average movie but it was very underwhelming. Now that I’m re-watching the trailer, I realize I should have expected that. It’s a cheesy version of Deadpool.

    I know a lot of people liked it and would recommend it and that’s why it lands at my number five slot.

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