The Valero Verdict: Like a Boss

Welcome to another edition of the “The Valero Verdict” movie review. In this I will give you a quick movie review with a couple of bullet points of which I either liked or disliked. I will end the review with rating of the movie and a short overall thoughts.

On the docket today, the comedy starring Tiffany Haddish and Rose Byrne, Like a Boss.

Plot: Two friends with very different ideals start a beauty company together. One is more practical while the other wants to earn her fortune and live a lavish lifestyle.

When I originally saw this trailer I didn’t have any high hopes for this film. If you can’t make me laugh during a trailer, you are going to have a hard time doing it throughout the film. But hey, I’ve been proven wrong in the past.

One of the biggest things that worked in this film was the chemistry between Tiffany Haddish and Rose Byrne. In comedies we often have that forced chemistry that already makes a bad movie, even worse. It’s rather sad that neither had a script that they could elevate with that great chemistry.

A comedy is either funny or it tries too hard and well we got more of the latter. Several moments in this film we got this “THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE FUNNY” scenes and was incredibly predictable. You have Haddish who is rather funny and has a niche, let her run with that niche and elevate those around her.

My favorite part of this film was Salma Hayek. She crushed as the snobby know it all boss who walked over anyone and everyone that got in her way. I was impressed with how the writers elevated a predictable character and did a good job of us making you hate her. I wish the writers did a good enough job writing for others as they did for her.

So look, the movie had potential because I think the place they were going in the makeup world hasn’t been used the way they used it. The showdown at the end with the “Make-up” off was creative and fun. That is where I saw some real bright spots in the film and was hopeful. But instead we got a very rinse, recycle and repeat comedy that was unfunny and predictable.

The Verdict:

** 1/2 out of ***** gavels

Should You See It?: If a you want to bring a bunch of your girlfriends (not talking to you dudes) and go have a girls night, do it. Otherwise it’s an easy skip. Just wait until it comes out on Redbox.

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