“All Gone Wrong” Tony Todd Interview

This first passion project from director Josh Guffey has been in development for over a decade. It may not boast the biggest budget, but it shirked most tropes it seemed to be following, leaving me insecure and genuinely surprised in the end. I was fortunate to have an interview with Tony Todd, one of the... Continue Reading →

“M3GAN” Not Rated

Welcome back to "This Film Not Rated" where we try not to rate a movie we watched, this week with SPECIAL GUEST Matthew Fox! Everyone found something to enjoy, even if several plot threads were forgotten rather than ended. Ups and downs in this one! https://youtu.be/21SuBgtPKH8 Find us on Twitter:  @TFNRcmel @highcontrastflm @90sgamer407 @Knighthawk7734 As always, listen to the... Continue Reading →

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