Author: highcontrastewl

Batman Day 2021! Gotham’s Future With Film

Do we want Gothic or Gritty? Do we want 'Batman Forever' or 'The Batman'? Looking back on Batman in the 82nd year since the creation of the property, in celebration of Batman Day, its hard to find an arena where it has failed to find success. First issue after branching from the "Detective Comics" title … Continue reading Batman Day 2021! Gotham’s Future With Film

Self-Care Spotlight: September 18th, 2021

It’s been a long, yet all too fast, hard, and exhausting week, and you need rest. I’m changing things up with these articles, offering a few movies that stand out rather than 10-15 new releases to numb your mind among decisions to make. Here I offer predictions for new releases with the hopes that it … Continue reading Self-Care Spotlight: September 18th, 2021

The Matrix: Resurrections Trailer

Lana Wachowski, returning to direct the fourth "Matrix," was recently interviewed and gave a reaction from Keanu Reeves having screened this movie. Reeves spoke to the influence and prophetic qualities of 1999's "The Matrix" and the potential achievement from one of the same filmmakers returning to this material. If you missed the throwback to mid/late-2000's … Continue reading The Matrix: Resurrections Trailer

Hawkeye Series Trailer

MARVEL has been largely successful with series distributed through Disney +, and with this series seeming to pull from one of the best received Hawkeye comic runs, introducing talent like Hailee Steinfeld with a returning Jeremy Renner, I'm willing to bet this will be another well received story (and not just because ever since the … Continue reading Hawkeye Series Trailer

“Eternals”MARVEL Trailer 2

A reminder in the developing success of "Shang-Chi" and with the excitement of the new "No Way Home" trailer, Marvel is releasing a more ambitious and earth-spread-but-cosmic entry for the MCU.I'm still not sold in how the digital effects stand out from the naturalistic look of everything else, but Marvel has had a win with … Continue reading “Eternals”MARVEL Trailer 2