Winter TV Roundup, Week 6

The Winter Olympics are in full swing, which means a lot of regular network programming is taking a break. But we’re still getting a full compliment of new shows on streaming and cable. But which are worth diving into? Let this weekly column be your guide as I look at the pilot and second episode... Continue Reading →

Winter TV Roundup, Week 5

February is here, literally today. And if you’re like me, it’s a cold one. We’re beginning days of snow and cold in Colorado, something that much of the East Coast had this past weekend. That kind of weather lends itself to staying indoors with a blanket and watching some TV. But what of the new... Continue Reading →

Fall TV Roundup, Week 8

Where did October go? Sunday is Halloween in case you didn’t know. That leaves a couple days to grab a costume if you’re so inclined. Hallmark has begun its Christmas Movie campaign. In short, the holiday season is in full swing. This is a time when we’ve seen the content stream slow in years past,... Continue Reading →

Fall TV Roundup, Week 7

October is nearly gone, which feels hard to believe. We’re careening toward November and before you know it, Christmas will be here. This is the heart of the Fall TV season with seemingly hundreds of weekly options and more dropping by the day. But which of this mountain of options is worth your time? Let... Continue Reading →

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