A Tale of Two QBs

With the end of an NFL season comes those players who step away from the game. This year, that includes two quarterbacks, Philip Rivers and Drew Brees. Rivers made a formal announcement on January 20. Brees has yet to make a formal announcement, though it’s been widely reported he, too, will step away from the... Continue Reading →

Friday Five, Week 1

We’re here, ready for the first NFL Sunday. We got our first taste of game action last night, and now we turn our sights to a full slate of NFL action on Sunday. In these weekly posts, I’ll be highlighting five games from Sunday I’m excited to see. I’ll also be posting picks, both straight... Continue Reading →

Over/Under: New Orleans Saints

With the NFL season right around the corner (crossing fingers, toes, and nose), I am going to kick off a series where I breakdown each division in the NFL. Recap the key additions, subtractions from the offseason and tell you what you should bet on the Over/Under for each team. Today I am going to... Continue Reading →

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