Winter TV Roundup, Week 14

April is here, which means we’re seeing longer days, periods of warmer temperatures and rain rather than snow—sometimes. It also means the traditional network TV season is winding down, but with the rise of cable and streaming, there is no off-season. With so many choices out there, what should you use your time to watch?... Continue Reading →

MCDI Trailer House! (03-26-22)

Welcome back to the end of the week! We have variety of character studies, romance, dramas, and a thriller or two to get excited for the near future! "Other People" is a Polish rap musical and the desaturated, gritty tone of this alone is enough to make me feel ready to sink into the world... Continue Reading →

Winter TV Roundup, Week 10

It’s March, so we’re all longing for warmer temperatures and pleasant, sunny evenings. It happened here in Colorado last week, but winter returned Sunday. Meaning I’ll have plenty of time staying warm by the glow of the TV set. I wager I’m not alone. But which of the new shows is worth your time? Let... Continue Reading →

MCDI Trailer House! (03-04-22)

Welcome back to the end of the week! There's been more turbulence over the last week and some people cope in different ways. Some of these trailers are documenting our world, some are as far removed from our world as possible. Take a look! "The Bubble" is a different "bubble" than one down below, though... Continue Reading →

Winter TV Roundup, Week 6

The Winter Olympics are in full swing, which means a lot of regular network programming is taking a break. But we’re still getting a full compliment of new shows on streaming and cable. But which are worth diving into? Let this weekly column be your guide as I look at the pilot and second episode... Continue Reading →

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