Ted Lasso S3, E9 Recap: La Locker Room Aux Folles

“Every single one of you knows my ass is not hairy and none of you spoke up. I will never forgive you.”—Roy

As we enter the final four episodes of the season, we’re seeing the end game come into shape. We want to see these characters we love left in the best position possible. This week’s episode had humor, pathos and plenty of forward movement for the storylines we’ve seen this season. In particular, it focused on Roy (Brett Goldstein) and Colin (Billy Harris).

Both these members of the team have been mulling their future. For Roy, it’s what he wants out of life and if he can get out of his own way long enough to achieve it. Roy has the makings of a great coach and a great motivator, but his prickly demeanor sometimes prevents him from achieving those aims.

Colin, meanwhile, has been harboring a big secret. While Trent Crimm (James Lance) is aware of Colin’s secret, no one else on the team was—at least until last week when Isaac (Kola Bokinni) found out. The question was how he would react, and what it would mean for the team.

Both those issues come to a head this week for Richmond. While the team has found its groove—and a long winning streak—on the pitch, off the pitch things remain unsettled. It’s clear from the jump there is an icy distance between Colin and Isaac, who’ve often seemed like the best of friends. Colin, naturally, assumes that Isaac is not OK with what he’s learned. He turns to Trent for advice and Trent responds that he should give Isaac some time and space.

That becomes much more difficult when they step on the field. After Colin misses a play and Richmond surrenders a goal, Isaac blows up. It’s clear to Colin it’s about more than some sub-par play on the field. As Richmond heads to the half down 1-0, a fan screams a homophobic slur at Colin and Isaac as they exit the field. In a shocking move, Isaac jumps into the stands and goes after the fan.

The team captain earns a Red Card, and most are left stunned as to why Isaac would do that. Isaac leaves the locker room and Roy gives chase, but the rest of the team tries to understand. In a moment of courage, Colin steps forward and shares his truth with the team.

In Amsterdam, Colin expressed that his deepest desire was for his two lives—the life on the pitch and his life as a gay man—to be one life. It wasn’t clear to him if it was possible. While we still don’t know that answer, the response from his team was nothing short of support. This Richmond group, especially this season, has become a family. And they embrace Colin like a member of that family.

We even get a beautifully moving speech from Ted (Jason Sudeikis). Of course, it comes in typical Ted fashion, where he uses an analogy from his past, American football and The Denver Broncos. As a Broncos fan, I know I should have been upset. But as a fan of this show, I couldn’t help but feel a swell of emotions.

Charged by his new sense of freedom, Colin assists on two goals as Richmond wins its eighth straight game. Better yet, Isaac comes and admits that his frustration with Colin wasn’t over who he is, but rather the fact he didn’t trust his best friend enough to tell him the truth. We end with the pair playing video games, a bond restored. It was a beautiful way to end the episode.

Coach Roy

As for Roy, he had a lot of strong moments as well. It starts early in the hour when Ted is unable to attend the regular press conference and Rebecca (Hannah Waddingham) asks Roy to fill in. He’s grumpy about it and, ultimately, dumps it on Coach Beard (Brendan Hunt). Naturally, it’s a disaster.

Rebecca confronts Roy, calling him out for being unable to get out of his own way. It’s clear it’s both the pep talk Roy needs and something that cuts him deeply. But he turns that introspection into action. After Richmond’s win, it’s Roy who takes the podium. And, when pressed with a hard question about Isaac’s outburst, Roy responds is a beautifully Roy way. He is starting to look more at home in the role.

I think most of us believe Ted’s long-term future isn’t coaching Richmond, but that could be the happy ending for Roy. This week, he took a step closer to achieving that goal.

Relationship Status

In the background is the tale of two relationships. For Keeley (Juno Temple), it appears her time with Jack (Jodi Balfour) has ended. Jack is now in Argentina for the foreseeable future, and while Keeley is disheartened it seems it’s for the best.

Nate (Nick Mohammed) meanwhile seems to have found a beautiful place with Jade (Edtya Budnik). She event meets Rupert (Anthony Head), seemingly sizing him up quickly. Rupert had hoped to cultivate a disciple in Nate, and he sees Jade as a threat to that process. He’s not wrong about that.

Following a West Ham victory, Rupert invites Nate out for a boy’s night. When Nate arrives, he realizes that means a night of drinking and carousing. Will Nate continue down this path? Turns out, Jade has been a powerful influence. Nate finally tells Rupert no. He leaves the bar and heads to meet Jade, who seems delighted to see him.

I have noted for weeks that I want to believe the old Nate is in there. It’s also clear that Jade brings out the best in Nate. We saw that again this week and, my earnest hope is to see him bridge that gap with Ted in the next three weeks.

Best Scene:

Undoubtedly the best scene this week was Colin sharing his truth with the team. It was a powerful emotional moment that was a beautiful nod of support for Colin, despite the denegation of the great Denver Broncos.

Pop Culture References:

People and Organizations: We got a lot of musical references, with D.J. Khalid, The Grateful Dead, the Black Crowes, Joe Walsh, Jimmy Page, Cream and Phish. We also got references to Raquel Welch, Isaac Newton, Jean-Claude Van Damme and his performance in Time Cop, Bambi and The Denver Broncos

Episode MVP:

It’s Roy Kent for me. His press conference at the end gave me chills. It was a beautiful moment for Roy in an episode full of some good moments.

That’s a wrap on this week’s episode. Check back next week as we begin the final three episodes of Ted Lasso.

Matthew Fox is a graduate of the Radio, Television and Film program at Biola University, and a giant nerd. He spends his free time watching movies, TV, and obsessing about football. He is a member of the FSWA. You can find him @knighthawk7734 on Twitter and as co-host of the Fantasy Football Roundtable Podcast.


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