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Fall TV Preview, 2021

Each Fall we get a bonanza of viewing options. The NFL and College Football are back. We’re in the midst of awards season at the movies. And, of course, the major networks launch their new TV season. It always follows the Emmy Awards, which air on Sunday. Last year due to COVID we didn’t get … Continue reading Fall TV Preview, 2021

The Morning Show Recap: My Least Favorite Year

“Well, get out that super glue.”—Cory When Apple TV+ launched in November 2019, The Morning Show was the signature series. It boasts a high-profile cast including Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Aniston and Steve Carell, and a set up ripped straight from the headlines. That was the big hook and in the early episodes that felt like … Continue reading The Morning Show Recap: My Least Favorite Year

Ted Lasso Recap: Beard After Hours

Ted Lasso Recap: Beard After Hours

“I dated a professor from Oxford and I listen more than I talk.”—Coach Beard The bottle episode is a staple of the television medium, often allowing a show to focus on a character usually relegated to the sidelines and explore something in a fun, new way. In this case, we get an episode dedicated to … Continue reading Ted Lasso Recap: Beard After Hours

Fall TV Roundup, Week 2

We’re in the middle of September and careening toward the start of the new Fall TV Season on networks. But out ahead of the Big Four getting their new content to the world cable and streaming services are beginning the deluge. But with football games and a finite number of hours in the day, what’s … Continue reading Fall TV Roundup, Week 2