Ted Lasso S3, E5 Recap: Signs

“Jamie is so right, it’s as if he was Zava.”Zava

The big matchup against West Ham didn’t go as planned and in the aftermath it’s still a struggle for Richmond. As we pick up this week, the team is mired in losing streak and the fans are getting restless. The team is still playing hard, and Zava (Maximilian Osinski) is still scoring, but they aren’t winning.

That has pushed everyone to the edge. Even Rebecca (Hannah Waddingham) has lost it a bit, coming into Ted’s (Jason Sudeikis) office and screaming a little. None of that seems to be looking easier as the team prepares to host Manchester City.

That leads to speculation that a change might be needed in the manager’s office. Even Higgins (Jeremy Swift) wonders if they need to consider moving on from Ted, but Rebecca can’t stand to hear it. Ted tries to rally the team. Jamie (Phil Dunster) tries to rally the team. Zava steals Jamie’s thunder and rallies the team.

But, come game day, Zava is a no show. Richmond falls 4-0 and the boos rain louder. Following the game, Zava drops a social post indicating he’s retiring. In the aftermath of another loss and Zava’s retirement, the team is lost. But Ted isn’t.

Ted gives a speech, and mid-sentence the Believe sign tears apart again. The team gasps, but Ted remains calm. He grabs the sign and tears it to pieces. The team is shocked, but Ted reminds them belief isn’t in a sign, it’s a state of mind. It’s perhaps his finest moment as Richmond’s coach. Will it make a difference? We’ll find out soon.

Aside from the team’s troubles, we got plenty of other storylines in this week’s episode, Signs.

Rebecca’s Fortune

Earlier this season, Rebecca met with her mother’s psychic. While she dismissed it all quickly, she soon got a green matchbook, a piece of the psychic’s prediction. To start this week’s episode, she got another. That has Rebecca wondering if she will, indeed, have children.

Rebecca even visits a fertility doctor to see what her prognosis is. By the end of the episode, she receives word the prognosis isn’t good. She tries to call Keeley (Juno Temple) for support but doesn’t get a response. We end with Rebecca shaken and disappointed, but belief isn’t in signs, as has been the episode’s theme. Her dream might yet be a reality.

Keeley and Jack

Keeley, meanwhile, has stress at the office. While Jack (Jodi Balfour) sides with her over Barbara (Katy Wix), Shandi (Ambreen Razia) is off the rails. She costs the company a client, so Keeley pulls the ripcord and fires her friend. Shandi doesn’t take it well.

As we close the episode, Shandi drops a baby lamb in the conference room, which makes a big mess for Jack and Keeley to find. They clean it up and bond over the discovery. That bonding ends in a spark and a romantic encounter. What will this mean for Keeley’s business? What will this mean for Roy (Brett Goldstein), who is still clearly thinking about Keeley? We’ll find out.

Nate’s Big Date

We get a non-Richmond storyline for Nate (Nick Mohammed). He gets a big date with Anastasia (Elee Nova) and takes her to the only restaurant he apparently knows in the area. Jade (Edyta Budnik) is there and still aloof when it comes to Nate, and his puffed-up sense of self. Nate gets the coveted window seat, but Anastasia isn’t impressed. In fact, she leaves Nate mid date.

When the dessert comes, Nate’s embarrassed. This place, as it turns out, is a big part of his story. It’s a place is family would come to celebrate all his milestones. It’s at the heart of who he is. And as he sees the large tray, he invites Jade to join him. To his surprise, he does.

Nate has done some difficult things, but I want to believe the old Nate is still in there. The show does, too. This episode was a step, I hope, toward the redemption arc I most want to see before this season ends.

Best Scene:

I loved how Zava stole Jamie’s thunder as he tried to rally the team. It was hilarious and, in the wake of his retirement, I’ll be excited to see how Jamie evolves as a leader.

Pop Culture References:

People: We got a shout out for Gina Gershon, The Wicked Witch of the West and Sir Anthony Hopkins.

Films, etc.: We got a shout out for She’s All That, My Fair Lady, Pygmalion and the game Roblox.

Episode MVP:

I’m tempted to go with Ted because of that speech, but I’m going with Jade. She consistently makes me laugh and I think she might bring the best out in Nate.

Matthew Fox is a graduate of the Radio, Television and Film program at Biola University, and a giant nerd. He spends his free time watching movies, TV, and obsessing about football. He is a member of the FSWA. You can find him @knighthawk7734 on Twitter and as co-host of the Fantasy Football Roundtable Podcast.


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